Sa mata ng ating kukote

Sa mga nabubulagan ng madilim na liwanag, subokan nyo rin kayang tumingin  paminsan-minsan gamit ang mata ng inyong kukote at baka makikita rin ninyo ang nakikita lang ng iilang iba na sa iyong akalang katotohanan ay kakaiba.


Ang himig natin, ating awitin

Tayo'y may kaibigan, Pilipinas ang pangalan. Handa na ba kayong lahat upang siya'y tulungan?

E kung ganon...

Ang himig natin, ating awitin...

Kababayan, saang sulok ka ba nakaluklok sa tatsulok?


Reform our criminal justice system to fight poverty

Lawlessness and impunity are a major hidden reason for poverty that our country needs to address now. Collective compassion has meant an overall decrease in global poverty since the 1980s, says civil rights lawyer Gary Haugen. Yet for all the world's aid money, there's a pervasive hidden problem keeping poverty alive. Haugen reveals the dark underlying cause we must recognize and act on now.

When the next generation of Filipinos would ask us: "Where were you when our poorest kababayans were drowning in a lawless chaos of everyday violence and impunity?" I hope that we can say, that we had compassion, that we raised our voice, and as a generation, we were moved to make the violence stop.

Out of compassion let us not just simply cry over what is going on in our country, but let us act to help reform our criminal justice system to fight poverty.

Father God, we rely on your guidance and strength; for you are our ever help in times of needs.