You and your brothers need rest

Have you not realized that it is the Lord God who keeps watch over our little island province?

While as you were following your heart's desire, the Lord God has prepared a secluded place for your rest in our island. And because your heart has the courage to lead your brothers into a long ocean pilgrimage just to come to our consecrated island, then here in our God-protected island, you and your men shall the Lord God grant with the kind of peace that shall put your tired and restless hearts into the eternal rest that you need.

Be it so, O Lord God, as according to your will and purpose... Amen.

"Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain." (Psalm 127:1)


Take the high road


In taking the high road, genuine humility is the character stamina that enables one to endure the steep uphill climb towards the high ground. Without it, trying to do the right thing becomes a difficult pretentious act of pride to preserve one's own reputation. But fake humility can only do so much mimicry before it slides downhill back to the low road of arrogance.

Have you observed the news and the social media? Are we not yet tired of the mountains of garbage of negativity and hate that we throw at one another? Our country and people are so politically divided because our political leaders themselves are bitterly divided. Much of what they do against each other's camps are scheming and counter-scheming. And so likewise, their supporters follow what their leaders are doing -- we attack each other like opposing packs of rabid dogs spreading negativity and hate all over the internet and media outlets. No one seems to be interested in finding the way to the high road because everyone seems to be enjoying the foolish circus down the low road we are traveling. We are as if perpetually stuck in April Fools' day and we seem to be loving it!

In the low road you are traveling, where to, Philippines?!

Kababayans, we are Filipinos first before we are political supporters. Let us not remain divided by being blinded by negativity, hate, and foolish political partisanship!

For our country's sake, can't we take the high road?

If you've got the spark within you to begin a journey on the high road, then you may learn its principle by reading, The High Road Principle.


Focus more on the process to achieve your goal


Goals are good for planning progress. Systems are good for actually making progress. Goals can provide direction and even push people forward in the short-term, but eventually, a well-designed system will always win. Having a system is what matters. Committing to the process is what makes the difference.

Your goal will be achieved if you instead focus and fully commit to the process one step at a time. Stick to the system and let go of the urge or need for immediate results. Do away with setting unnecessary pressure of predicting what is going to happen with everything. Rather, establish feedback mechanisms that can signal when you need to make necessary adjustments.


Alliance vulnerability cause that should no longer be overlooked

Until Digong has finally found the strength to defeat the raging inner tantrums of his ego every time it gets hurt, the integrity of our alliances with other countries (particularly with the U.S.A.) is always subject to his impulsive irrational knee-jerk outbursts. Every time he feels insulted or hurt, our country's welfare remains vulnerable to getting forcefully dragged into his highly-charged emotional whims and motives. The country gets mercilessly forced to rally around whatever unplanned and unconsulted hasty decision his hurt ego might have triggered at the moment of his heightened emotion.

This has to stop. Would somebody be kind and courageous enough to help the president fight his inner enemy? Can't we see that this evil is slowly defeating the president from the inside? If this inner enemy totally overpowers the president, so goes also the integrity of our country's alliances. If we want the president to succeed, then let us no longer remain blind to his inner struggle. Let us help him win his fight against his inner enemy.

This newly initiated Philippines-China reconciliation is also very much subject to the inner enemy of Digong. The Chinese are just human beings like all of us and they too have their human weaknesses and they too are not perfect. We have yet to experience and see how their leaders manage their own inner enemies. 

Let us all pray that this newly initiated reconciliation endures despite our current president's inner struggle.

The following article may help us understand an inner enemy that we also perhaps is struggling against.

By Oscar. V. Cruz, DD
Views and Points, CBCP News
October 24, 2016

Ego-centric, ego-centered, ego-maniac. Self-centered, self-absorbed, self-satisfied, self-contented. Conceited, smug, vain. All these are some key words in layman’s language for identifying and understanding a person who is “Narcissistic”. This personal liability is in the context and implication of “I” and “me” and “myself”. This is the trio that somehow point out the centerpiece of the above-said egocentric malady. Someone existing and living in his or her world, somebody who has himself or herself as the center-point of everybody and everything else—such can be considered as the external manifestations of constitutional individualism.

All the above descriptive egoism incarnate make the person concerned as the beginning and the end of everybody else as well as everything else. It is himself or herself what counts the most in all agenda—plans, designs, projects. Everything and everybody else are expected to have the said subject individual as the key and central reference point—or nobody and nothing ultimately matters for him or her. So it is that the common denominator of all those afflicted by such an egocentric personality liability is the strong, consistent and persistent sense of self in terms of superlative importance, significance and relevance. In other words, the same should be the center of attraction, the focus of attention, the object of adulation. Anybody and everybody else—what they think and say, what they do or not do—none of these really matter.

So is it that someone with the innate personality trait of “Ego-centricity” has some kind of a delusive perception of supra big self-importance such that he or she has and entertains the feeling of immense self-worth and wherefore entitled to pursuant focal attention of everybody else. The individual concerned has a grandiose personal self-perception such that this highly superior personal self-assessment becomes mandatory for all others to carefully relate with him and to unconditionally obey him. Otherwise, all of them would be big losers—not knowing what is good for them. The truth is that the subject-victim of the said ego-centric personality constitution can go as far as feeling omnipotent and wherefore singular, unique and indispensable.

Considering themselves wherefore as special persons, it is understandable that anyone saddled by “Ego-centricity” demand and expect special treatment precisely because they are special individuals—according to their special worth and dignity. So it is that they strongly dislike if not actually hate criticism—even feeling much offended by the indifference and disdain of others towards their own perceived distinct self-worth and consequent self-importance. And so it is that they are not merely upset but also angered—if not actually enraged—when others do not notice, much less acknowledge their own perceived self-worth, their own perceived and sustained uniqueness. They think as they please. They say what they want. They do as they like. Everybody and everything else do not matter!