Stray Vote?

I wrote "CAYETANO" in the ballot as my vote for Atty. Allan Peter Cayetano for senator. Like many ordinary citizens, I was confident that "Cayetano" alone is enough to be counted for Atty. Allan Peter Cayetano because the Comelec had anounced on May 11, 2007 the disqualification of Joselito Pepito Cayetano for being a nuisance candidate.

Now that the voting is done and the counting of votes is going on, I am dismayed to know that "CAYETANO" alone written without "Allan Peter" is a stray vote! What most voters didn't know beforehand is that the Comelec decision disqualifying a candidate as nuisance will only take finality five days after the disqualified candidate received the decision. In other words, five days after May 11, 2007 is May 16, 2007. But the election day is May 14, 2007! Oh Comelec, why? You know that your decision is critical for the candidacy of Atty. Allan Peter Cayetano, then why only announced the decision just four days prior to the election day?

We hope there is no agenda behind this incident. But like many other voters, I too feel betrayed for my candidate.