You and your brothers need rest

Have you not realized that it is the Lord God who keeps watch over our little island province?

While as you were following your heart's desire, the Lord God has prepared a secluded place for your rest in our island. And because your heart has the courage to lead your brothers into a long ocean pilgrimage just to come to our consecrated island, then here in our God-protected island, you and your men shall the Lord God grant with the kind of peace that shall put your tired and restless hearts into the eternal rest that you need.

Be it so, O Lord God, as according to your will and purpose... Amen.

"Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain." (Psalm 127:1)


Take the high road


In taking the high road, genuine humility is the character stamina that enables one to endure the steep uphill climb towards the high ground. Without it, trying to do the right thing becomes a difficult pretentious act of pride to preserve one's own reputation. But fake humility can only do so much mimicry before it slides downhill back to the low road of arrogance.

Have you observed the news and the social media? Are we not yet tired of the mountains of garbage of negativity and hate that we throw at one another? Our country and people are so politically divided because our political leaders themselves are bitterly divided. Much of what they do against each other's camps are scheming and counter-scheming. And so likewise, their supporters follow what their leaders are doing -- we attack each other like opposing packs of rabid dogs spreading negativity and hate all over the internet and media outlets. No one seems to be interested in finding the way to the high road because everyone seems to be enjoying the foolish circus down the low road we are traveling. We are as if perpetually stuck in April Fools' day and we seem to be loving it!

In the low road you are traveling, where to, Philippines?!

Kababayans, we are Filipinos first before we are political supporters. Let us not remain divided by being blinded by negativity, hate, and foolish political partisanship!

For our country's sake, can't we take the high road?

If you've got the spark within you to begin a journey on the high road, then you may learn its principle by reading, The High Road Principle.