How about creating PinoyKasaysayanSeryes?

Link: Aquino dismayed over student's lack of knowledge in PH history

Perhaps leading TV organizations could help fill the gap by creating adaptations of Philippine history books and making them into teleseryes on prime time TV. If there is KalyeSerye, why not also PinoyKasaysayanSerye?

This PinoyKasaysayanSerye idea can be a [very] good Corporate Social Responsibility endeavor which our local TV entertainment industry can initiate with the noble objective of helping our kababayans, especially the young & younger generations, get interested and get educated about their own country's history in a very effective and highly entertaining way - which the Philippine educational system is poorly effective at doing (tinanggal pa na nga nila ang nag-iisang Philippine history subject sa college na "Jose Rizal").

The movie "Heneral Luna" is an excellent example of a history book adaptation that greatly helps enrich the pinoy public's sense of own culture and history. I think even a teleserye adaptation of "Heneral Luna" would still be able to accomplish the same thing to even a much more wider audience and it would be a sure prime time TV blockbuster in our country.

A side thought: Perhaps this PinoyKasaysayanSerye idea may in a certain way, address Lea Salonga's tweet (which I presume was referring to a particular KalyeSerye) which said: “Okay lang sa akin ang kababawan, pero hanggang doon na lamang ba tayo?” IMHO, Lea's statement was rather more of a challenge than plainly considering it as an insult. I see it as a sort of an "eye opener" blow
(pangtanggal puwing) for the TV companies and their kilig-captive audiences. It was somewhat a kind of a "reality check" which is at the same level as PNoy's dismay over so many of our kababayan's lack of knowledge in our own country's history and other things of national importance.


Try different fishing grounds

How about rowing a distance away from your usual fishing ground and try casting the net on the other side of the boat?

Who knows there could perhaps be somebody else -- from the academe (or maybe from the business sector, the NGO/Civil Society community) -- that the Lord has annointed and whose heart He has touched and is willing to do a sacrifice for the country to answer a call of carrying on the task of the office of the vice presidency. Perhaps somebody from a field relevant to public governance is just what might the country needs to effectively do the job.

Pray that the Holy Spirit will guide you -- the way Samuel was guided by the Lord in finding David. May God give guidance to those who truly are seeking for His wisdom and assistance.


Comelec-sponsored public fora instead of political ads

Link: Gordon urges ban on political ads

Instead of the very expensive paid individual political ads appearing on media outlets (which are mostly loaded with mere "papogi" points which only contribute to the dumbing of the electorates' capacity to wisely choose for the right leaders), media outlets should be covering and broadcasting live scheduled Comelec-sponsored public fora on political platforms, and proposals of solutions to the country's pressing problems & issues.

This is an old excellent idea whose need for real advocacy is long overdue. Attempts at advocating this concept is greatly hampered by opposing interests from wealthy politicians and the media organizations because its result would adversely diminish the undue advantage of rich candidates and would completely take away the extra windfall income of leading media organizations during election seasons.

This idea could be another right step in the right direction along "Daang Matuwid". If Dick Gordon would be willing to muster full guts and lead a strong real advocacy on this cause, then [perhaps] our country's electoral system could be redirected some degrees to the right direction.

Character, Experience, & Inner Circle

Popularity, more particularly in the realm of politics, is like rainfall. When it rains, it pours. But it is only good for a period of time and it only lasts till its last drop. But what really will sustain good leadership is the time-tested quality of character of a prospected leader. And the indispensable amount of relevant quality experience is what really makes possible for a new leadership to be able to hit the ground running.

In 2010, when PNoy reluctantly was forced to answer the people's call to run for president, he may not have had enough experience for the task, but at least he had considerable relevant experience -- he was a two-termer congressman and a senator. And when PNoy won and started office, he hit the ground off balance. In the first few years of PNoy's administration, it didn't took long for analysts and pundits to recognize PNoy's struggle in navigating through the learning curve. But perhaps had it not been for his relevant experience, which though nevertheless proved not adequate, PNoy would have had hit the ground tumbling and crashing.

In Cory's case, when she started office, her total lack of experience was compensated by the collective "wisdom" of a "highly-experienced" group of people who formed as her trusted inner circle of aides and advisers. But later in her administration, some analysts and pundits short of branded Cory as a political figurehead who shepherds an inner circle of wolves in sheep's clothing.


Carefully scrutinize the candidates

PNoy warns against electing next president who seeks term extension
By Louis Bacani (philstar.com)
Updated September 11, 2015 - 11:02am

President Benigno Aquino III on Wednesday warned against electing a next president who wishes to prolong his stay in power.

During the Liberal Party's "gathering of friends" in Davao City, Aquino maintained that he is not in favor of extending the president's term, saying this could lead to another dictatorship.

"Sa palagay ko parang mali  ata 'yan. Iaasa natin sa isang tao," Aquino said in his speech.

"Tapos bibigyan pa natin ng tulay o pagkakataon 'yung iba na tulad na noong 1972, di ba? Natapos na ‘yung dalawang terminong puwede niyang takbuhan, nagkaroon ng Martial Law," he added.

Aquino was referring to the late President Ferdinand Marcos who ruled for 20 years.

He said a president should perform his best in just one term and let his successor continue or complete the work.

"Parang may tatakbo diyan, naghahanda na ng hahalinhin sa kanya. Maganda na yata one term," Aquino said.

"Gawin mo 'yung dapat mong magawa at 'yung kaya mong magawa, tapos ipasa mo 'yung renda para mapakita naman na kaya ng sambayanang Pilipinong magpatuloy sa tamang direksiyon," he added.

Aquino made the remarks as he rallied support for the administration's presidential candidate, Interior and Local Government Secretary Manuel Roxas II.

Roxas will be facing his old rival, Vice President Jejomar Binay, in the 2016 race.

Binay had said that he would seek an unlimited term if he will get elected as president next year.

However, his camp later clarified that what Binay wanted was a return to a four-year presidential term with reelection.

Yes, people should not vote for a presidential candidate who seeks term extension. And people should neither vote for a presidential candidate who is a make-believe advocate and who after all is not really pushing for the passage of a real FOI (Freedom Of Information) law.

People should not also vote for candidates aspiring for whatever position in public office who prefer or are part of a political dynasty. Public service is not a family business and never should be a political clan monopoly, kaya dapat isang politiko lang ang manunungkolan sa gobyerno sa bawat angkan. Dynastycism is a fertile breeding ground of corruption -- collaborating for corruption is much more quick and easier and widespread among politicians in government who are part of a political dynasty. So if we really hate corruption, then let us start cleaning our political system by really doing away with political dynasties.

And also, the spirit operating in political dynastycism is not far from the spirit
(and almost the same spirit) that operates in the "Palakasan Systems" such as the "Padrino", "Bata-bata", "Mista", "Ninong-Ninang-Inaanak", "Fraternity-Sorority", "KKK (Kaibigan, Kapartido, Ka-whatever [you name it])", etc. All these systems when practiced and tolerated in public service are fertile breeding grounds of various forms of anomalies and corrruptions.

Few years ago, I was amazed to discover this mushroom growing on the cushion material of a wrecked chair in our junk pile.

If in government institutions where political dynasties are left to flourish unchecked and tolerated by the constituents, it would just be a matter of time before the virus of ["innocent"] corruption begins to grow like mushroom, and no ["good"] dynastic reputation can ever be fully effective to immunize itself against the disease.


Her heart's true calling


“My ultimate goal is that no Filipino should give up a child out of economic hardships. Who knows that might have been my story too?” --Senator Grace Poe

Rephrasing Senator Grace Poe's word into a general statement:
"No mother should give up her child out of hardships."

This is the very reason why she must be ushered into the position that the Lord has prepared for her, but one level at a time and in the right time appointed by the Lord for her. Her calling is so precious that's why she should not be prematurely forced into the highest position when it is not yet her time, lest things would align against her just as what's been happening lately.

She is Moses of our land. And like Moses, the Lord had protected her from death while she was yet an infant by placing her in the hands of a "royal" couple who loved her with all their hearts as their own child. She has a heart as Moses' and she also carries in her heart God's tenderness and grace. And just as Moses was forced to wait for his time to come (and the Lord trained him in a separate place and he learned the intricacies of servanthood and leadership by working as a shepherd for the meantime, because things aligned against him in Egypt for it was not yet his appointed time), so shall she be.