Character, Experience, & Inner Circle

Popularity, more particularly in the realm of politics, is like rainfall. When it rains, it pours. But it is only good for a period of time and it only lasts till its last drop. But what really will sustain good leadership is the time-tested quality of character of a prospected leader. And the indispensable amount of relevant quality experience is what really makes possible for a new leadership to be able to hit the ground running.

In 2010, when PNoy reluctantly was forced to answer the people's call to run for president, he may not have had enough experience for the task, but at least he had considerable relevant experience -- he was a two-termer congressman and a senator. And when PNoy won and started office, he hit the ground off balance. In the first few years of PNoy's administration, it didn't took long for analysts and pundits to recognize PNoy's struggle in navigating through the learning curve. But perhaps had it not been for his relevant experience, which though nevertheless proved not adequate, PNoy would have had hit the ground tumbling and crashing.

In Cory's case, when she started office, her total lack of experience was compensated by the collective "wisdom" of a "highly-experienced" group of people who formed as her trusted inner circle of aides and advisers. But later in her administration, some analysts and pundits short of branded Cory as a political figurehead who shepherds an inner circle of wolves in sheep's clothing.