Listen to your parent's wisdom and discern what is right

The wisdom in the advices of Ninoy and Cory are far more worth listening to than the manipulative voices of sycophants who are among P-Noy's circle of political advisers.


Don't push it beyond the limit

According to initial findings, the MRT disaster went like this: One MRT train bogged down on its track and so another MRT train came to supposedly rescue it into safety by pushing it carefully forward along the railway track until it reaches a train station. But what happened instead was, the MRT train somehow was "erroneously" pushed causing it to move uncontrollably and slammed into the barrier structure and breaking it causing the train to went "overboard" overshooting into a busy street resulting in an accident that got several people [seriously] injured.

Some things should not be pushed beyond the limit because it could spell disaster. This tragic incident seems to show a sign of what will happen if the Liberal Party of Noynoy continues to stubbornly push their political agenda of changing the constitution just to accommodate Noynoy for a chance of a second term in office.

Worry not about tomorrow

To be able to look forward to stepping down from office with a sense of honor and dignity when your term of authority officially ends and not worry about who will take over next, is perhaps one assuring confidence that whatever good things you have put in-place would stand the rigors of power succession.

There is no need for you to struggle for a second term of office. Tomorrow's burden is not assigned to you. Finish your remaining time in office with honesty and dilliegence according to the capacity and authority you were blessed and given.

"Take therefore no thought for the morrow: for the morrow shall take thought for the things of itself. Sufficient unto the day are the worries thereof." (Mathew 6:34)