Discern; For A Potion Has Been Circulated

Source: Random Email

The Financial Analyst of World Bank would like to inform each and everyone of you that the present currency exchange rate of US Dollar to Peso is actually $1 = 52 Pesos.

Your government is manipulating the exchange rate for some years now. It is very much improbable and impossible that the Philippine Peso is appreciating compare to Euro, British Pound, Rials, and any other foreign currency. Even your ASEAN neighboring countries are suffering from the Global Crisis. Singapore , a developed country is affected by depreciation of their currency what more of your country?

We admire you for your hard work but we also pity you for having such a very corrupt government that is taking advantage of your hard earned money.

The ARROYO ADMINISTRATION is blatantly milking each and every OFW's all over the world of billions of pesos for its own greedy, selfish ends.

Investigations reveal that this milked money from OFWs will be spent to BRIBE not only PGMA's pet CROCODILES in CONGRESS but some in the SENATE as well for her to PERPETUATE IN POWER BEYOND 2010.The rest would be deposited to the family's SECRET ACCOUNT in Switzerland.

Another money-making scheme is the LOTTERY DRAWS. Filipinos should be aware that all LOTTO DRAWS are orchestrated, and big money goes to the two sons of the lady president. Recent example is the SUPER LOTTO 6/49 draw, where supposedly two individuals from Luzon won.

Do you know WHO these individuals are? It's Mikey and Datu, who else?

One might ask how the draw could be rigged when it is being televised in front of millions of viewers. The answer is simple. As you all know, all bet combinations are being entered into PCSO's main data base as it is on-line, therefore, it is easy to determine which combinations were NOT betted upon. If they want to raise big money, no winners will be declared until the JACKPOT reaches sky-high because they could dictate the outcome at will.

When it's "HARVEST TIME", viola, there would be "winner or winners" and the process repeats all over again. One might ask how this is being done. One insider told our investigators that actually the "DRAWN BALLS", six balls to be exact, are the only set which could fit into the transparent tube which sucks the balls up.

All others are slightly bigger than the diameter of the tube which could not be distinguished by the viewers, therefore, there's no way they could be drawn! You Filipinos are being skinned alive, fried in your own fat and lard by your own government. Do you ever wonder why President-elect BARACK OBAMA, avoids your president like a stinking leper?


Dilapidated Priorities

Exploring The Options

Editorial - Philippine Daily Inquirer

The economy is deteriorating, millions are jobless and are going hungry, the A(H1N1) virus is spreading at an alarming rate, the perennial problems of lack of schoolrooms, teachers and textbooks are with us again, and the nation is facing other daunting problems, and yet the question being asked by government officials, politicians and people in the street is: Will Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo run again, and ultimately for what office—speaker or prime minister?

The political turmoil is diverting the attention of the nation from its important and urgent problems. All because people are afraid that one woman will try again, like the dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos before her, to perpetuate herself in power by fair means or foul. She has said that she would step down from the presidency in 2010. That should have given the nation a calming assurance. But no, it has not because the people know from experience that she has a lust for power, and that she would try to retain it at any cost. [...]

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The image shown above is a picture of a worn-out elementary textbook which my cousin tried to repair. This textbook was issued to her grade II daughter in our city's public elementary school. Her daughter is a consistent honor pupil in that school.

The time I took that picture, her daughter was not able to make her assignment because her daughter's book has the pages 1-46 missing and the assignment was supposed to be on page 39.

Where Treasure Is, There Will Hearts Be Also

Unsolved ill-gotten wealth case dismays CBCP official

A Catholic Church official chided the authorities Tuesday over the unsolved case against the alleged Marcoses’ ill-gotten wealth.

CBCP Media Director Msgr Pedro Quitorio said the government’s search for and reversion of such ill-gotten wealth and the definitive resolution of the case was long overdue.

Quitorio said over two decades have passed but no significant development has so far been met.

“How slow is the process? It should have been disposed many years ago. (But) up to now it’s still there,” he said.

The Monsignor also chided concerned government agencies especially the Presidential Commission on Good Governance (PCGG), saying that it may have outlived its purpose.

The PCGG was established during the Aquino administration to go after the ill-gotten assets of the Marcoses, their relatives and cronies.

“...They still don’t know what to do. This (ill-gotten wealth) should be disposed but within the framework on the law not for any other considerations” Quitorio said.

The case, he said, must have been settled long time ago if there is proof of illegal acquisition, accumulation, misappropriation or fraud

On Monday, debates on Marcos wealth sparked again after acting Department of Justice Secretary Agnes Devanadera blocked the return order of the jewelries of former First Lady Imelda Marcos.

Devanadera said there remains to be legal impediments in the return of the jewelries seized after the fall of the Marcos dictatorship.

Sell that which you have, and give gifts to the needy. Make for yourselves purses which don't grow old, a treasure in the heavens that doesn't fail, where no thief approaches, neither moth destroys. For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. (Luke 12:33-34)


Reaping the Whirlwind: Revulsion to Con-Ass

Reaping the Whirlwind

Bohol Sunday Post

Congress has stirred the proverbial hornets' nest when it got the con-ass train running at full speed.

Groups from both ends of the spectrum have expressed agitation and many have declared they are ready to resort to extreme measures. The spontaneity is spine-tingling, to say the least.

Indeed, the Arroyo administration has no one else to blame except itself. Motivated by nothing else except the obscene greed to hold on to power at all cost, it pulled all the stops to let the train fly out of the starting blocks.

The obscenity is far too obvious that people are no longer discussing the basis for their vehemence. The discussions now focus on the methods available to express their outrage and the options open in case the Palace remains defiant.

Malacañang can deny its role in the passing of the infamous resolution, but no one is biting. When you lie far too often and each time farther than the previous one, you push yourself closer to the inevitable.

Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo has made a career out of breaking promises and getting away with it she now thinks she can get away again, or at least one more time. She thought wrong.

The basis for this belief is the division, a consensus is now shaping to thwart not just this latest attempt to subvert popular will but an extension of an Arroyo administration in whatever form.

This can only be brought about by a power far greater than what the human mind can fathom. This power is in motion in many influential people, prompting them to make sacrifices and do the unthinkable.

Malacañang mistakenly believed that it has found the secret to perpetuating itself in power by its past successes. Its combination of deceit, hypocrisy and downright bribery worked wonders in the past, but not all the time.

While more people have gotten skeptical about the ability of this nation to rise to the occasion, this skepticism is not enough to foil divine intervention. If Jesus could calm the storm and still the waves, He can unseat despot without trying.

The problem with people was that they tried other means first. Now that they are going back to God, Malacañang has sealed its fate.

As the saying goes, when you sow the wind, you reap the whirlwind.

"Anti-ConAss" Wave Organized
The Bohol Chronicle

A huge wave of multi-sectoral group is slowly emerging in the province as a counter force to HB 1109 that licensed Congress to convene itself into a Constituent Assembly to amend the 1987 Constitution, unpopular with three-fourths of Filipinos.

The group is to convene in the city in a luncheon meeting this Tuesday to map out anti Con-Ass activities, one of which could coincide with a huge Makati rally on June 10 at 5 p.m. led by Jesus is Lord Movement and many civil society and militant groups.

Most Filipinos are looking forward to clean, automated elections in 2010 and are suspicious that the Con-Ass, in the pretext of amending certain economic policies, is really there to extend the terms of officials, including that of the president, in various ways. [...]

The Revulsion to Con-Ass
The Bohol Chronicle

The revulsion to the Con-Ass rests in the anatomy of the last syllable.

Seventy-five percent of Filipinos do not want political deviants to tinker with the fundamentals of the Constitution at this time. The timing is off.

Even if some of the economic amendments may make sense, the grandeur of the vision is lost on the paranoia of people that the Con-Ass is meant to sneak something nasty politically into the Philippine landscape.

Cha-cha and term extensions are just two of those. And hypocrisy too since the Palace speaks of the automated 2010 election and the merger of Lakas and Kampi as well as Political Magician DILG's Puno wanting to be vice president as proofs positive that there will be presidential elections in 2010.

Filipinos have been taken for a ride for far too long and far too many times for them to remain placid and timid at this development of the Con-Ass.

Stirrings of political unrest are brewing at the capital and key cities of the country and will have its first salvo on June 10 -- wherever in the country.

This new Con-Ass formula, even NEDA chief Ralph Recto admits has a political cost to it that can backfire into economic negative perceptions by investors and creditors alike. Is it worth it?

Senate president Juan Ponce Enrile who does not have the talent to hide his pique at anytime, is disgusted with the Lower Congress (we have to call them that, this time) in ignoring the Senate but certainly it will be over Mr. Enrile's dead body.

Do the ghouls behind the ghastly charade really think they have the Supreme Court in their pockets that they are willing to throw the constitutionality issue of the Con-Ass to the Highest Magistrates? If they are not sure the Supreme Court is, what is this divisive political exercise for?

On balance, an opposition congressman of Cagayan de Oro Rufus Rodriguez thinks there is no payola involved in the Con-Ass; others claim there is an additional P20 million of pork which is substantive if a congressman gets merely P70 million in Pork Barrel every year. What price independence and standing for the people's preference?

Are people to be followed or be led -- hopefully not into perdition? We join our people's appeal to place this Con-Ass nonsense to rest. Let us just proceed with the automated (no matter how imperfect) 2010 polls, call a plebiscite whether to amend the Constitution and then elect the members of the Constitutional Convention to make the amendments for ratification by the people.

The apologists would argue those are expensive exercises. For our democracy to function, to spend several billions is cheap. Didn't we hear the budget for 2009 alone is P1.6 trillion?

If you feel violated by the convulsion called Con-Ass, by all means show your indignation and let you voices be heard.

Decide When The Time Comes

Military monitoring people joining Wednesday’s rally

The military has started monitoring groups, including its own soldiers, who may join Wednesday's rally against Charter change (Cha-cha) via constituent assembly in Makati City.

Armed Forces of the Philippines spokesman Lt. Col. Romeo Brawner Jr. said Monday they are monitoring "almost all sectors" on what they are planning.

"We are now monitoring almost all sectors, even ang sariling ranks natin, for any groups or any individuals na maaring sumama dito sa mga ganitong mga actions, especially dito sa internal namin," Brawner said in an interview on dzXL radio.

[We are monitoring almost all sectors joining such actions, especially those within our ranks.]

Earlier, Philippine National Police spokesman Senior Superintendent Leonardo Espina made a similar call to the police not to join Wednesday's rally.

“Meron kaming regulations being government servicemen and employees na 'di kami pupuwedeng sumama sa rallies na ganyan [We have regulations barring policemen from joining such political rallies]," Espina said in an interview on dzXL radio.

Brawner reminded soldiers not to join such actions, saying the military has "to remain nonpartisan."

"Yun ang sinusulong ng ating bagong Chief of Staff, si Gen. Ibrado. Lahat na sundalo natin shall remain professional at dapat mag-focus sa trabaho namin [That is the order of our chief of staff. Lt. Gen. Victor Ibrado. All soldiers are to remain professional and focus on their work]," he said.

Manila police will secure Malacañang and nearby Mendiola Bridge on the day of the rally.

Radio dzBB’s Carlo Mateo reported Monday this was the order of acting Manila Police District head Chief Superintendent Rodolfo Magtibay for Wednesday’s rally.

Magtibay said anti-riot police would be deployed to Mendiola to prevent militant groups from holding lightning rallies there.

Several groups are expected to go to Makati City on Wednesday to attend a rally protesting a House resolution seeking to amend the Constitution through constituent assembly.

On the other hand, Magtibay said he has ordered tighter monitoring of key facilities in the city, including the United States Embassy, Supreme Court and Department of Justice.

For his part, Metro Manila police head Chief Superintendent Roberto Rosales said they would use video cameras and closed-circuit television (CCTV) systems to monitor group movements during Wednesday’s rally.

“We will be covering this with video footages including CCTV, para mai-record natin lahat na kaganapan before and during the conduct of the rally [so we can record what happens before and during the conduct of the rally]," Rosales said in an interview on dzXL radio.

Of course members of the PNP and the AFP should not participate in protest rallies while they remain in service. But when the time comes for them to decide where their heart's loyalty really is, then they have always the option to shed off their uniforms legally and join any non-violent protest rallies.

What's the point of serving an organization which is manipulated by abusive politician leaders?

Stand your true ground soldiers, and be the true servants of the people and the country and not to politicians. Waste not your loyalty on abusive leaderships.

The people is always behind you, and you are their protectors. May the Lord grant you the wisdom to discern the right thing to do in this critical time of our nation's history. God bless you.


Sumasayaw Na Ang Mga Politiko, Wala Ba Tayong Gagawin?

Sa mata ng aso, ang bagay na sa kanyang tingin ay tama ay lalong naging tama para sa kanya kapag ito ay ginagawa din ng tao -- lalo na kapag amo nya ang gumagawa nito.

May mga bagay na umabot na sa ponto ng kasukdolan.

Isa sa pinakamalaking mga balakid na nakakapigil ng taombayan sa pagkilos ay ang hindi pagkilala sa hangganan ng pang-aaboso ng mga politiko.

Kung sa sarili natin tayo ay humantong na sa pagtatanong "Ganito na lang ba ang bansa natin habang buhay?", dapat alam na natin na may mga bagay na umaabot na sa ponto ng kasukdulan. Ganito din dapat ang pakialam natin kapag pakiramdam natin ay halos mabaliw na tayo sa mga maling ginagawa ng ating mga halal na representante ng taombayan.

Sa kasalokoyang nangyayari sa ating bansa ngayon, isa sa dalawang bagay lamang ang ating magagawa; susuko ba tayo sa pang-aaboso ng mga politiko, o tatayo ba tayo upang ipaglaban at ituwid ang kamalian?

Kung ang mga abusadong politiko ay hindi natatakot na gawin ang hindi tama, bakit ba tayong taombayan ay matatakot sa pagkilos laban sa kanila upang maitama ang kamaliang kanilang ginagawa?

Gumising ka na bayan ko! O habang buhay kanang matutulog...