Dilapidated Priorities

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Editorial - Philippine Daily Inquirer

The economy is deteriorating, millions are jobless and are going hungry, the A(H1N1) virus is spreading at an alarming rate, the perennial problems of lack of schoolrooms, teachers and textbooks are with us again, and the nation is facing other daunting problems, and yet the question being asked by government officials, politicians and people in the street is: Will Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo run again, and ultimately for what office—speaker or prime minister?

The political turmoil is diverting the attention of the nation from its important and urgent problems. All because people are afraid that one woman will try again, like the dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos before her, to perpetuate herself in power by fair means or foul. She has said that she would step down from the presidency in 2010. That should have given the nation a calming assurance. But no, it has not because the people know from experience that she has a lust for power, and that she would try to retain it at any cost. [...]

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The image shown above is a picture of a worn-out elementary textbook which my cousin tried to repair. This textbook was issued to her grade II daughter in our city's public elementary school. Her daughter is a consistent honor pupil in that school.

The time I took that picture, her daughter was not able to make her assignment because her daughter's book has the pages 1-46 missing and the assignment was supposed to be on page 39.