Tama Ang Gawa, Mali Naman Ang Nasa

Election Disaster

By Mon Casiple

Don’t bring politics into the disaster relief effort. This is basically the message Speaker Nograles wants politicians to get. Right message, wrong messenger. Just like Congressman Mikey Arroyo when he answered a Facebook entry which purportedly showed him shopping for wine in Katipunan C-5 road at the height of Ondoy’s flooding. The gentleman vehemently denied the act happened and threatened to censor Facebook and the Internet. He may be right in his indignation but his proposal is completely wrong–you don’t shoot the messenger.

In both cases, the spotlight is on behavior of traditional politicians during disasters. When Speaker Nograles speaks about politicians in this context, he was admonishing them not to put their names and other labels that may be misconstrued as election campaigning. When Congressman Arroyo was indignant, he was worried that his alleged act may be misconstrued as indifference and callousness to the plight of the flood victims who were drowning and dying during that time.

What all traditional politicians–in this runup to the 2010 elections–are expected to do is to make sure that they are always in the public mind. Their game is called name recall. Why do you think we have all these TV and radio infomercials and political ads this early? Why do you think local politicians and even national ones double-time to attend weddings, burials, baptisms, fiestas, ball games, rallies, game shows, and what have you?

Disasters are not spared. Their unpredictability is only matched by the predictability of the traditional politicians. Name-labeled relief goods, photo ops, and media releases are a politician’s dream during disaster.

Inevitably, they are present only when the disaster already had exacted its toll. They would not want to be there before the disaster strikes because the people will remember who forgot to ensure evacuation, give adequate and timely warnings, prepare the necessary rescue equipment, and organize the people for disaster handling. Worse, they may be remembered for pocketing or spending disaster funds on other things.

Disasters are difficult for traditional politicians to handle. In an election year, these may lead to an election disaster.


Ang Pagtulong sa Nangangailangan
Mateo 6:1-4

Mag-ingat kayo na huwag gawing pakitang-tao lamang ang inyong pamamahagi sa mga kahabag-habag. Kung magkagayon ay hindi kayo tatanggap ng gantimpala sa inyong Ama sa langit.

Kaya nga, kapag ikaw ay namamahagi sa mga kahabag-habag, huwag mong hipan ang trumpeta na nasa harap mo, gaya ng ginagawa ng mga mapagpaimbabaw sa mga sinagoga at sa mga daan. Ginagawa nila ito upang sila ay luwalhatiin ng mga tao. Katotohanang sinasabi ko sa inyo: Tinanggap na nila ang kanilang gantimpala. Kung mamahagi ka sa mga kahabag-habag, huwag mo nang ipaalam sa iyong kaliwang kamay kung ano ang ginagawa ng iyong kanang kamay. Sa gayon, maililihim ang iyong pamamahagi sa mga kahabag-habag. Ang iyong Ama na nakakakita sa lihim ay magbibigay ng gantimpala sa iyo nang hayagan.


Hindi Ba Poseble na Liliko Pa Rin Si "Pepeng"?

Pagasa belies reports Pepeng will hit Metro Manila Friday night

By Katherine Evangelista
First Posted 20:02:00 10/02/2009

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration (Pagasa) has denied reports typhoon Pepeng (international codename: Parma) will hit Metro Manila Friday night.

“Definitely that will not happen,” said Pagasa director Prisco Nilo, referring to text messages saying that Pepeng will bear down on disaster-struck Metro Manila at 9 p.m.

But he advised residents to prepare as the typhoon was forecast to dump more rains.

As of 4 p.m., Pepeng was seen over 150 kilometers north northeast of Virac, Catanduanes packing maximum sustained winds of up to 195 kilometers per hour near the center and gusts of up to 230 kph.

It was forecast to move west northwest at 13 kph headed for northern Luzon.

Bayan, talagang tunay ba ang iyong paniniwala at pananalig? Kailan at papaano ito masusubukan at mapatunayan? Ginagamit mo lang ba ito sa panahon ng paghihirap, ngunit binaliwala lamang sa ibang mga panahon?

Hindi emposeble na liliko si "Pepeng", pero saang direksyon?

Ano ba ang makapagbibigay ng lakas at makapagpatibay ng tao, ang pagsuong sa pagsubok o ang pag-iwas nito?

Ano ba ang makapagpatatag ng kanyang pananalig, ang matugonan ang kanyang pinapanalanging makaiwas sa paghihirap ng isang pagsubok, o ang mapaglampasan niya ang isang pagsubok kahit gaano man ang paghihirap na bigay nito?


Ang Nooy Munting Babala, Ngayo'y Malaki Nang Abala

Garbage preventing floods from receding - Atienza


Tons of non-biodegradable garbage and water lilies are keeping floodwaters contained in various areas in Metro Manila, Environment Secretary Lito Atienza said Thursday, as he stressed the need to strictly implement the waste management law.

"This [effects of tropical storm Ondoy] should be a wake up call. We must change our ways. Dispose of your garbage properly," Atienza said in an interview with ABS-CBN's Umagang Kay Ganda.

He said drainage systems in Manila are clogged with non-biodegradable garbage. He added that water lilies from Laguna de Bay and Pasig River are also preventing floodwaters from receding.

"There are obstructions in the natural drainage. Water from Laguna de Bay is not flowing because of water lilies and fish pens. Technically, it should flow to Pasig River and then to Manila Bay and to the South China Sea," Atienza explained, adding that if garbage were only properly disposed, floodwaters could have receded as soon as rains stopped pouring last Saturday.

He said President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, through the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), is urging all local governments to strictly enforce Republic Act 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000.

He added that he has ordered the Laguna Lake Development Authority (LLDA) to prevent the reconstruction of fish cages in the Laguna de Bay that were destroyed during the storm's onslaught.

Officials said 90 percent of Pateros and 53 percent of Taguig remain in chest-deep floodwaters. Several areas near Pasig River, including Rizal and Pasig City, and areas in Laguna province were still flooded, as of posting.

The government's relief operations have also been hampered by stagnant floodwaters, particularly in Pasig City and Rizal towns.

Basurang Itinapon Mo, Babalik Din Sa 'Yo - posted on 8/08/2009