President, Vice-President, Executive Secretary


Clean record, unquestionable integrity, and competent young leaders. They are the most worthy to carry on the task of leading our nation forward.

With the integrity and the long and varied experience in public service that DILG Secretary Mar Roxas has and his being a cabinet member of the present administration, he has far better first hand knowledge concerning the strengths and weaknesses of the current administration's development programs thus giving him the better capacity to carry on the task of leading our nation forward and sustain and increase the growth gained from the past administrations.

With the integrity and competence that Senator Grace Poe has, and with the tenderness of a godly woman, she is very much needed to answer the calling to serve as the lead conscience of the country's executive leadership so that the Holy Spirit through her can guide the nation as it continues to tread the straight and narrow path.

With the experience, integrity, and youthful wisdom of Senator Chiz Escudero, the country needs him to be the first alter ego of the next president. The Lord has groomed him for such a calling as this, this is why without question, he is best qualified for this task.

These three has been prepared by the Lord, and their time has come. In their respective appointed time, each of them shall answer the call to carry on the task of leading the nation along the right path for future administrations to come.

Thanky you Lord Father God for renewing and blessing the Phillippines.