Her heart's true calling


“My ultimate goal is that no Filipino should give up a child out of economic hardships. Who knows that might have been my story too?” --Senator Grace Poe

Rephrasing Senator Grace Poe's word into a general statement:
"No mother should give up her child out of hardships."

This is the very reason why she must be ushered into the position that the Lord has prepared for her, but one level at a time and in the right time appointed by the Lord for her. Her calling is so precious that's why she should not be prematurely forced into the highest position when it is not yet her time, lest things would align against her just as what's been happening lately.

She is Moses of our land. And like Moses, the Lord had protected her from death while she was yet an infant by placing her in the hands of a "royal" couple who loved her with all their hearts as their own child. She has a heart as Moses' and she also carries in her heart God's tenderness and grace. And just as Moses was forced to wait for his time to come (and the Lord trained him in a separate place and he learned the intricacies of servanthood and leadership by working as a shepherd for the meantime, because things aligned against him in Egypt for it was not yet his appointed time), so shall she be.