Voters' Prayer

(Adapted from the prayer of St. Francis of Asisi)
From ABS-CBN News Channel (ANC)

Lord, make us instruments of your presence in the polls.

Where there is coercion and violence,
let us sow seeds of love;

Where there is bribery and vote buying,
let us sow seeds of integrity;

Where there is discord,
let us sow seeds of unity;

Where there is electoral fraud,
let us sow seeds of honesty;

Where there is duplicity and propaganda,
let us sow seeds of truth;

Where there is indifference,
let us sow seeds of care and concern;

Where there is despair in the electoral process,
let us sow seeds of hope;

Almighty God, grant that we may not think so much
of our individual selfish motives when we vote.

Instill in us a deep sense of communal solidarity
in our ethical choice of candidates who will
rise above the traditional politics of PAY-OFF,

Enlighten us to elect worthy men and women who embody
the true spirit of public service in their
moral consciousness;

For it is in voting responsibly that we receive the
fruits of true democracy.

Let it be so.

Hear oh Lord the earnest desires of an increasing number of citizens whom You have enlightened. Continue to add to their number by renewing many more hearts and minds as our nation start to resume treading the right path of the journey that You once set for us so long ago -- but we veered from.

As a people, for many decades we have seen and experienced the undesirable fruits of our disobedience to God's will which only led to the needless miseries brought about by our wicked ways.

But the faithfulness of the Lord is eternal; for He never abandons anyone who believes and trusts in Him. His mercy is fresh each day like the rising of the sun. His fatherly love is full of wisdom; for even the sufferings of the miseries of our own doing He utilizes to work for our chastening so that we may experience the fruits of wickedness which is the curse of disobedience, and yearn for the fruits of righteousness which is the blessing of obedience.

With this renewed strength that the Lord has given us, together as a nation let us rise up from where we fell and move forward to the destiny that long awaits us.

Let us keep our feet from every evil way, that we might observe God's word. Let us not turn aside from His ordinances, for He have taught us. How sweet are His promises to our taste, more than honey to the mouth! Through His precepts, we get understanding; therefore let us hate every false way. Let His Word be the lamp to our feet, and the light for our path.
(Psalms 119:101-105)