Former Comrades Slam NPAs During Rally

NewsPlus, Bohol Sunday Post

The New People's Army and its legal organizations get a dose of its own medicine when in its anniversary, a loose group of mainstreaming Kanhi Rebelde [Former Rebel] now calling themselves Kauban sa Reporma (KR) [Associate of Reform] denounced the rebels' terroristic acts in a rally held at th Plaza Rizal, March 29.

Toting placards revealing the NPA and its legal organization's propaganda tactics, former rebels took turns in lambasting the rebels armed wing and their legal fronts with a cacophony of accusations of extortion, threats, blackmail in recruitment that extended to getting minor supporters.

More than 200 farmers, former active guerilla warriors and supporters now openly admitting they have had enough came to the city to air out their exasperation over the communist's continued grasp of the civilians and insisting on a fear campaign.

The rally, which happened a day before the election campaign, is also time, organizers said so that the politicians thinking of giving in to demands for permits to campaign and access fees to rebel-claimed territories could start thinking their support could also mean more lives killed.

Bringing their issues in time with the talks of human rights violations and accusations of extra-judicial killings against the present administration, the KRs also demanded for the accounting of cases of victims of NPA liquidations.

They cited the murder cases of Nueva Montaña barangay captain Baldomero, his brother and chief Tanod Virgilio Betanganso and Rodrigo Jandayran as among the many unnamed victims of NPA purging and unjust kangaroo courts that did not even have the chance of getting into the government list of rights abuses.

Amplifying their concerns over the hostaged economy in Bohol owing to their continued reign of terror, the former active warriors and mass-base supporters aired their invitation for the still active comrades to go find the way of peace, not by armed struggle, but by peaceful means.

Calling the rebel NPAs as demons, alias Ka Joy exposed the faulty propaganda tools used by the rebels to gain sympathy, the lies they weave and the terror they sow to base their firm grip on their claimed barangays.

Alias Ka Ome, a resident of Upper Cabacnitan in Bilar also narrated how the rebel movement turned their once peaceful village and its residents into one wracked in fear and stirred by turmoil.

Another former member and organizer of the Hugpong sa mga Mag-uumang Bol-anon (HUMABOL) [Group of Boholano Farmers] accused the NPA of the biggest corruption syndicate adding that the rebel organizations' lifeblood is the support they get from threatened civilians. At this, he echoed the call to stop giving support, especially with unprincipled politicians now wanting access into rebel-claimed territories.

Enough of the sham, down with the NPAs and let us stop and bleed them of support so they will know we have had enough of them, was the shout that reverberated across the heart of Tagbilaran City.

When some elements of the leftist communists are killed by "renegade" elements of the state, the left cry "human rights". But when some elements of the military, police, and civilians are killed by elements of the leftist communists, the left say "all right." And vice versa.

Perhaps the international court based in Netherland (and other similar organizations) who judged the Philippine government guilty of extra-judicial killings, should not be one-sided with their judgment -- if they wish to maintain credibility internationally. If they really want to shed the full light of justice on this issue, let them plunge into the cold water and let themselves get wet. These killings are just the tip of the iceberg. They only see half of the truth.