"Double Dead"

By The Windchime

Few weeks ago, due to some hog cholera occurring in few places in Luzon, authorities responsible are on heightened alert for "hot meats" which may come from the affected areas that are secretly transported to be sold to the consuming public. This kind of stuff is tagged as "double dead" because the carcass is still utilized and butchered for consumption even if the animal has died already beforehand of a cause other than the normal process of slaughtering.

With the consuming public's awareness and with the concerned authorities' action, many if not most of these "double dead" stuffs have been confiscated and destroyed and some of the "unscrupulous entrepreneurs" punished. But what about those "hot meats" that evade confiscation because of the "creativity" of some of our "entre-pinoys"? For now in Luzon, the consuming public's appetite for some of their favorite foods that are made from finely ground pork meats may have considerably lessened already. If this thing continues, we hope this do not create a "made-in-china" chain reaction to our domestic pork products.

There are other "double dead" cases that are also occurring not only in the northern part of the country. But unlike the "hot meats" of Luzon, authorities responsible are finding it hard to execute their plan of action in some particular case. Although the "double dead" were taken cared of already, a major issue still remains unresolved. In a tense and volatile situation, they are caught between bringing the butchers to justice and maintaining a status qou of relative equanimity.

Yes, of course, I am referring to the incident of beheadings of some of our marine soldiers in Mindanao even if they were already dead in an "unnecessary encounter" with a relatively sizable group of MILF (Moro-Islamic Liberation Front) and ASG (Abu Sayaff Group) as they were operating in a danger zone at that time hoping to look for the kidnapped Italian priest in a "wrong place" controlled by the MILF.

Indeed, such a gruesome act is barbaric. Even in "jungle societies" that at least claimed to be humanized, mutilating an enemy even when he is already dead is considered a cruel and inhuman act which is worthy of condemnation and detestation. But why is it that in many civilized urban societies, the many cases of chopping off of body parts of unknown murder victims by criminals which is also happening many times or the mutilation of a human being inside the supposed protective womb of a mother, do not seem to draw enough expressed condemnation anymore than that "one instance" of beheadings of marine soldiers in Mindanao? Is it maybe because society is already used to these many chop-chop cases that it has already become ordinary to them while the case of the beheadings of dead marines in Mindanao seems uncommon?

It's been said, "familiarity breeds complacency." Take for instance suicide bombing. The first time the world experienced such evil, it was filled with much terror and awe of the evilness of the act that so great was its expressed condemnation and detestation of such barbarism then. There was a heightened level of awareness and of prayerfulness. But now, most people do not even care to hear any news about suicide bombing -- especially when it happens in Iraq where it has become almost a daily occurrence. Because of society's complacency, these walking dead men with twisted radical beliefs continue to seize the Islamic faith and vainly dying for a false cause killing along so many innocent people even of their own blood, persuasion, and ideology in order to propagate their wrong doctrine.

Islam is invaded from within by a malignant cancer of false believers of their own. But the question is: "Will the moderate true believers of Islam cower while the false believers and highjackers of Islam continue to ruin and desecrate their faith?" Where is their well-known "righteous indignation"? Deep in their faith they know that these radicals wrongly interpret the Koran in the same way as there are "radical Christians" wrongly interpreting the Bible.

Consider the euphemism of this cliché: "One's terrorist is another man's martyr."

True martyrs (just a Greek word for witnesses) are those who willingly give their lives sacrificially for the good and welfare of fellowmen in accordance with God's absolute and universal law of love. One simple definition of love is: outgoing concern for the good of others. If true martyrs are witnesses, then what are they witnessing about? Among the many definitions of the word "witness", here is a simple one: an attesting of a fact, statement, etc.; evidence; testimony.

Let us take a look at suicide bombing in the light of martyrdom. Let us ask the question: "Is suicide bombing a martyrdom?" A way of answering this question is by asking some basic questions:

1. Do suicide bombers willingly give their lives sacrificially? Yes.
2. Is the act of killing others by suicide bombing brings goodness and welfare to fellowmen? No.
3. Is it in accordance with God's absolute and universal law of love? No.

In the answers to the three basic questions above only question #1 is "Yes". True martyrs give their lives as a living sacrifice unto God (not taking their own lives by suicide) putting others' welfare over their own. They are witnesses of righteousness and holiness that emanates from God.

If the suicide bombers believe that suicide bombing is God's will, then what is their use of living a righteous and holy life if suicide can easily and quickly get them to God anytime they want? What is the use of them working hard to earn a living for their families when they can simply bomb their families and themselves and get them all to heaven instantly? What is the use of God creating a temporary life within the dimension of time if all it takes for man to achieve to the dimension of eternity is to end his life by himself?

Suicide is not a true sacrifice but a cowardly act of escapism because it evades the pain of living a tough sacrificial life for the sake and for the good of others. A tired father earning an honest living despite hardships and difficulties for the sake of his family is one example of a true martyr.

So deceived are those who believe in this false doctrine! Oh how many are they who are innocently blinded by this wrong teaching. Destructive negativism is the only way they know, for they refuse to see. But unless the Lord opens their eyes, they will not see clearly and their hope is obscure. They are dead men walking who are waiting to butcher themselves to oblivion. They are "double dead" meats.

Oh... lest I forget, in case you are wondering what are those markings shown in the picture above. It is just a way of lumping messages in one posting. It is just the missing plate number of a vehicle. Rotate the figure then flip it and you will see the shadow of the lettering of the plate number.

Isn't it awkward to demand justice from others when we ourselves forsake justice to somebody else? Give justice and you will be justified.

Nothing will ever correct a wrong until it is admitted, confessed, and repented. God forgives and honors a repentant heart. Do the right thing and leave all the consequences to Him. You may suffer the world's punishment but you are free in God's sight.