Lack of "activism" of Catholic Church leaders?

By Francisco Alcuaz

We are seriously concerned with the lack of activism of Catholic Church leaders in relation to the moral bankruptcy -- corruption, cheating and lying -- of government officials. Priests do not remind the faithful that it is their duty to fight corruption and to demand good governance. The priests do not read in churches or distribute the pastoral letter of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines, demanding truth and good governance.

The priests have not been brave enough to use the pulpit and other means at their disposal to instill in church members, especially those in the provinces, the need to be rational and to properly plan the family.

It appears that many priests are interested more in “lacing” their churches with gold, which does not benefit the faithful. This is a throwback to the past. They should take note that today, the luxurious European churches of the past serve more as tourist sites than as houses of prayer and worship.

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