A Prophet Outcast in Pampanga?

By Fer Cao
Institute For Popular Democracy

[...] In all likelihood, this is the deepest essence of Among’s offensive against the Pineda camp and which may well totally backfire on him, what with the intense reaction such an offensive had provoked among the local officials in that camp. He must have sensed that with all forms of pervasive evil in his midst, the littlest compromise would defeat his biggest purpose. And thus, like the catacomb Christians of pre-Constantine Roman empire, Among Ed had dug his feet in the middle of the coliseum and had shown that apart from God he is not afraid of anything and anyone. Come slay me, he appears to dare everybody, and oblige me in my martyrdom.

And so it seems inevitable that once the Pampango gladiators start to unleash their beasts and move in for the kill, they would find an almost too-willing martyr who for his defense will only invoke God and good governance. Some in the gallery might protest loudly or they might not at all. It won’t matter though: the thumbs down signal had been already given, the beasts of war have already been unleashed and are now hurtling towards their prey. The only thing that could save this would-be martyr is an act of mercy from the Empress herself. But having fought many battles and winning all of them, the ruthless Empress is beyond mercy. In fact, she had waited for this moment far too long already!

And here lies the greatest, most compelling, irony. In slaying this unarmed prophet of good governance, Malacanang will inadvertently create its ultimate antithesis: a very powerful icon of reform. And in doing so, this impending outcast prophet in Pampanga---uncompromising against evil, faithful to his God and fellowmen, and magnificently glorious in defeat---might just well be the nation’s hottest political icon come the 2010 elections.

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Sometimes when circumstances conspire against us, it is easy to forget the justice and righteousness of the Almighty who sees every hidden motives of people's hearts.

We can pray for a deliverance from our situation, yet we may forfeit the great reward that awaits. Most of the time, great rewards are unsuspectingly packaged in trials and are delivered through hardships and difficulties, and the intercessors are not always the recipients or beneficiaries.

Toss your precious stone into the middle of the stagnant water in a still pond, and you will see the little ripples it creates glide from the center towards every corner of its dry banks.