Whining Won't Help

We, The People
By Oscar V. Cruz
Blog - Viewpoints

We, the People should be ashamed of ourselves. We are the big mistake of nature and the huge misfortune of the Country. From what we are to what we do, there is nothing good in us. There is really nothing that we can be proud of but there is much we must be ashamed of. What is good, we make bad. What is bad, we turn it into worst. There is nothing good in us. Everything foul comes from us. Our absence shall be a blessing to the Philippines. We should not have been born at all. We people are the curse of the Country.

There are so many beggars in the streets while squatters abound in all places. There are more and more homeless families. All these are because the national economy is down and economic development continues to be a mere dream.

There is little rice and less employment compared with poverty that is apparent in the society. There is hunger, sickness, destitution and despair. [...]

[...] It becomes wherefore understandable that there are legislators who precisely despise us, people. They are moving heaven and earth to do away with us. They like to depopulate the Country, believing that human reproduction is a malediction and depopulation is a benediction.

But wait a moment! Are they not people too? Should they not also vanish from the face of the earth? Fair is fair!

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Therefore, welcome to this old dying world where nothing is enough?

Are we
so helpless then that there's nothing we can do except whine and curse ourselves and resort to death to end all sufferings?

With all of the powers and forces operating in it, like the others in the "endless" universe, this world too is crude and wild. Mankind is initially given assignment to supposedly subdue it {Gen. 1:28}.