Animation Vs. Animator


"You, dear citizen, have the power to effect change on what you don’t like and replicate the good that you see and do." - BMPM

They say that democracy is "the rule of the ruled." Yet in some democratic countries like our own country, when the people (the ruled ruler) are in search for the best qualified citizen to be the administrator of the nation, rather than their voice dictating the criteria of the game, it is the pushy politicians' subtle schemes that are instead coming into play.

The politicians' clever and unethical circumvention of election laws (such as this TV ad, and this TV ad, and also this TV ad, and few others -- which are being aired every now and then on some major national TV networks even if the election campaign period has not yet started) which connives with the willingness of many of the gain-driven commercial media outlets is rendering the true collective will of the people victim to their manipulative will. (Like that stick human figure animation shown above who struggles with its animator.)

As a result, the simple sacred exercise of electing good leaders is desecrated and deteriorates into a cumbersome psycho-political game run by a money-fueled machinery of a corrupted system of political parties.

How long will we tolerate this type of darkness in our midst? Let the light come that will enlighten the people's minds and expose more glaringly the unethicality of the practice of politicians and of their willing media outlets.

What kind of integrity there is in being part of an advocacy on a change that ought to begin with our own individual selves when the very media we are using to promote our advocacy are at the same time willing mediums of this unethical practice of some politicians?

Between the relatively few awakened sectors of the citizenry with their resourcefulness, and the materially abundant politicians with their power, let the struggle for the hearts and minds of the people should be with integrity.