An impressive exhibition of raw talent.

This is a facebook video from a friend's friend which I found to have some relevance to some issues in our country.

On a lighter note: Looking at the improvised instruments the guy is using, some funny thought popped up in my mind. I thought if someone would do something like that in Metro Manila today where residents there are experiencing a case of water shortage for days now and are lining up outside the streets bringing with them all sorts of water container they could get waiting for the water trucks to come by, people might think that's probably what happens when frustrated and angry people undergo water crisis -- they'll protest artistically beating their water containers to call government attention to their desperate condition. :-)

On a serious thought: According to reports, about 53% of the water supplied from Anggat Dam to the consumers go to waste through leakages in the distribution system. What a remarkable waste! Also, according to the new DPWH secretary, since the dam was privatized the consumers now are at the mercy of the dam's owners when it comes to matters of priority when low water level conditions occur.

This recurrent persistent water "shortage" situation affecting some areas in Metro Manila seems to remind of the situation of our national government's resources. Huge wastage resulting from mismanagement, inefficiency, corruption, scarcity, etc. are sorrounding the problem. How the new administration handles this water problem will tell something about their quality of leadership. Will they approach the problem the hard but right way, or will they handle it the quick and easy wang-wang way?