Pray for discernment, answer, & humility of heart


If Mar Roxas really believed that Grace Poe is the right person he could fully trust to be in his side as the next vice president of the country, then he should simply ask her freely in person without promises or conditions and without any other persons around. Let it be a heart to heart talk between two leaders answering a call to serve the Lord by means of serving His people.

Let the Holy Spirit be their only witness. Let them openly speak their hearts out to each other in peace and humility as according to the leading of the Holy Spirit. And before the end of their private meeting, for one last time, let Mar ask Grace if she is willing to sacrifice and let go of her intention to run as president and instead help him move the nation forward by running as vice president. If she will ask that she be given ample time before she will give her final answer, then give her the time. To both Mar and Grace: As according to your hearts, when you say yes, let your yes be yes, and when you say no, let your no be no -- for other than from your hearts, it's from the devil.

If Grace Poe will find it in her heart to trust Mar and is willing to entrust the nation to his leadership and without condition she is freely willing to help Mar by running as his vice president, then let them commit their ways and their camps together to the Lord as one.

But on the other hand, if after Grace Poe's thorough consideration she still finds it in her heart to rather run for president, instead of doing a sacrifice by running as vice president, then Mar Roxas should just let things be. Let them shake the political dusts off their political sandals and let them part political ways in peace.