Regional "Cooperation and friendship"?

Behind the audience's [seemingly pretensious] applause and beneath Xi Jinping's well-crafted speech, it is quite perceivable from the looks of the faces of many of the leaders of the APEC-member countries that, at the back of their heads, there is something more serious than what meets their eyes and pierces their ears while China's leader was delivering his message.

There is something seriously doubtful about Xi Jinping's message of "cooperation and friendship" which is the kind of ["polished"] image that China is trying so hard to project to the global community. But actions speak louder than words. What China is doing in the disputed islands in the ASEAN region speaks volumes of messages which are contrary to Xi Jinping's message in his speech.

Perhaps, as a "big brother" to smaller and emerging economies, if China would be the first to initiate a real and sincere effort towards what it called "cooperation and friendship" among all claimant countries so as to deescalate the tension in the region, then and only then would Xi Jinping's message have true meaning.

But until then, Xi Jinping's message of "ccoperation" could only be interpreted as "you claimant countries, cooperate wiih China's interest." and his message of "friendship" could only be intepreted as "you claimant countries, be friends with China if you don't want to be our enemies."