Heed with your heart; and your head won't hurt

For most of the electorate at the grass roots level, this issue is a major deal-breaker for them. So for those who really care, please listen and do something. Heed with your heart and you'll find right ways to solve this problem.

Head of the misers – the SSS veto
by Rex Felix C. Salvador
Current Affairs, Opinion, Young Voices Speak, Youth

The much buzzed-over veto of P-Noy to the pension hike of SSS beneficiaries makes everyone do their heavy face-palms. It’s an outrageous move. Both houses, the House of Representatives and the Senate, already approved its passing. All possible holes about the bill were already debated. Only the President’s signature is missing. According to the President, the agency would go bankrupt if the bill was approved. This statement is supported by SSS, not showing any intent of giving the increase to the poor retirees.

According to a source, Social Security System’s (SSS) funds can still support its beneficiaries up to 2029, compared to the pension fund of Canada, which can only run till 2022. The current minimum pension for a retiree is 1,200 pesos, and hadn’t been adjusted according to the current inflation. According to a study, 5,000 pesos is the minimum money needed by every member of the family per month. Exaggeration intended, the pension’s worth is only enough for buying a piece of chichirya. 2,000 pesos is only a minute compensation of the government for their rotten services and propagandas.

The things that should be done are these: fix the collection system of the agency (since 38% is only collected overall), find better investments, abolish the million-worth perks of SSS higher ups (Seriously? Receiving perks for doing a horrible job?), and, impossible it may seem,remove the corruption in the agency. It is the job of SSS to find a way to make the worker’s funds to grow, not the retirees. It doesn’t mean that if the pension should go on a hike, the same would also be applied on paying contributions. The retirees are the ones that should be obeyed in this situation, because they’re the ones who worked hard for their deserved pensions.

Remember when the President approved the salary of government workers? When it involves his salary, he approves it in no time. But when it comes to the masses’, he jeers at it and unsuccessfully console us using his statements. We pay our tax, we pay our contributions. I’m not sure if we’re working our heads off for our family or to pay the government. Unfair and kuripot, these titles are frankly for those sitting high, but act like the ones on the high-chair