Be Careful of Your Pronouncements

You may be the President of this nation and withstood many grave threats in your presidency, but only it is because of the grace of God, so that the people may learn to truly abhor and turn away from unrighteousness that dishonesty brings. Despite and in spite of the attempts to topple your reign of power, yet the Lord is being true to His promise to you that He will be with you – even though you break your part of the covenant (you may recall the exact words of the covenant if you have kept a record of all the messages starting from the day the previous coup attempt was made by this same group of people).

Therefore to those who are planning to bring down this lady president's authority by any human schemes, do it to the best of your human abilities and you will once more prove the Lord's faithfulness to His word. It is not because of her righteousness or unrighteousness that the Lord will protect her against any attempt to end her reign before she completes the time allocated by the Lord to her, but it is because of the Lord's promise to protect her authority. This is how faithful the Lord is when He makes a promise.

And to you madam President, take no pride that you withstood so far all attempts to topple your presidency; for if the Lord lifts His hands of protection from you because of pride that power brings, you will surely kiss the ground like the king of Babylon in the old times.

Regarding this fresh incident of another coup attempt, consider what you must do. You can be near-sighted and be legalistic and assert your power as the head of the state and uphold the rule of law and prosecute every people you think are involved. Or you can rely upon the Lord and review all the messages you received (starting from the very first message) and know when is the time of completion of your reign of power that the Lord allocated for you.

In not more than two sets of seven days from now, the Lord will speak to you. Be not afraid, but rather be obedient. Prepare yourself and consider the signs of the times and check it against the messages so that you will know when is the right time to do what must be done. Count the number of your days starting from the day the reign of power was taken from the former president and given to you. How long a time has the Lord given you to hold power?

To those of us who are observant of the signs, did you not see this new coup attempt coming? Of course we all see the sign, but very few of us understood it. Didn't you wonder why a typhoon with a male nickname unusually returned and hit back our nation? Take note of its international code name, "Hagibis", and local code name "Lando". And also, the palace was shaken by the latest earthquake that hit Metro Manila and the neighboring areas. But of course, skeptics will always dismiss this as pure and plain lunacy.