We Could Not Wait!

Why are you so hot headed! Did you know that your time of freedom is very soon to take place? You talk of ethics, but is what you are doing ethical? Oh you of little faith! You do not know what the Lord has in store for you. Follow the dictates of your flesh, and you will forfeit the blessings God has prepared for you. This is the time of your great testing that is why you are perplexed, but everything is not too late for you -- unless you remain clouded by your own ways. But wait for the right time the Lord has set, and we will not need any effort to gain our freedom. Consider the former president. Yes, most of us feel too the pains our nation is suffering. But let us not lose hope. Most of our people just don't know, but things are slowly falling in place. Most of us just can't see it because we are too focused on our sufferings rather than in the workings of the Lord. Let us open our eyes.

To the government hear: this is another test for you. If you will be overcome by your flesh (by having the same attitude as that portrayed in the picture during the first coup attempt some years ago), and you will fail this test. You know what is the right thing to do. Grant them the opportunity to serve the people, for this is the burden God has given them.

Look among the nations, are we the only nation experiencing some of disturbance? Of course not. The world is in the season of great testing. Pakistan, France, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel/Palestine, Malaysia, Burma, Sudan, Bangladesh, Russia, Lebanon, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, United States, Unted Kingdom, Iran... and the rest, are experiencing their own individual unique testing.

Frequent occurrences of earthquakes in various parts of the earth symbolizes shaking.