Cha-cha for a Federal State?

By Mon Casiple
Mon Casiple’s Weblog on Philippine Politics

Here we go again with another excuse for the “Cha-Cha” train! Can we blame ourselves for being too skeptical about charter change 2 years before the end of Gloria’s term in 2010? There are rumors that the proposed charter change is the president’s scheme to extend her term and stay in power... more like a last gasp of breath in a political deathbed! -The Equalizer-

Two, the attempt to require the charter change as a condition or even as a precondition for an agreement with the MILF puts the cart before the horse. The constitution provides the fundamental guide for state policy–it cannot be put on the line as a negotiating chip without risking its violation by government negotiators. The risk of the charge of treason against them for proposing to dismember the Philippine territory is present in the current negotiations. The GMA government has to come clean first on what it really promised the MILF in the controversial issue of “ancestral domain.”

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