On National ID System

Of course, in this modern age of information and technology, such an ID system will be of great help in both business and government transactions -- but maybe it is not yet indispensable (had it not for the global war on terror, or something else?).

Are only those with something to hide ought to be apprehensive of this ID system? Should not the innocent ordinary citizens be also having some degree of prudence or even a healthy cynicsm concerning this matter?

Every security system always has weaknesses (especially in its first few phases of the implementation where most of the actual operational flaws will occurr), and it is just a matter of time before some persistent and determined breachers or intruders will discover and exploit those weaknesses. And usually the breach or intrusion is not noticed soon enough that it is already too late to take counter actions to prevent any possibility of damages that the breach or intrusion may cause. It would only take one instance of a "good" breach or intrusion, and a considerable amount of information will be in the hands of who knows who will have them.

Once the more sensitive information stored in a "secured" database is breached or intruded, possibilities are almost limitless as to what one with a malicious intent could do with all of those millions of personal information. And once a person's identity and personal information is known or revealed, there is no way it can be undone. And if a particular person is a target of some sinister or malicious intention by some criminal elements or groups who secured the information from some commercial professional hackers, that person's life (and also possibly the lives of his family and friends) could hang by a thread.

Safeguards? No amount of safeguards will ever deter anyone who intends to commit a crime -- just as no amount of hell will prevent anyone from commiting sin. A criminal never thinks of being caught; a sinner never believes of going to hell.

What's with wealth, and what's with identity? If someone steals all your wealth, you could become poor. But if someone steals your full identity, not only that he could easily steal your wealth, he could also steal your life -- or he could even take it with considerable ease.

If the present government must implement their version of a national ID system, they should not be surprised if it will be met with strong opposition by majority of its ordinary citizens whose only primary transaction with the government is to pay their neck-deep taxes.

So, anyone care to dance the ChaCha while wearing an ID?