[Over]population: Who Is To Blame?

When the means and the resources used for feeding is not able to cope with the corresponding needs of a population, a state of crisis occurs.

Amidst the world crisis on food's availability, prices, and production, it can not be denied that one of the major contributing factor to this problem is [over]population. But who [what] is [are] to blame for it?

There is a timely and relevant brainstorming going on in Dean Jorge Bocobo's blog which is being participated by many of his avid readers. His recent blog entry entitled "Are the Catholic Bishops to Blame for Overpopulation?" triggered a lively exchange of ideas.

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Have you seen the latest episode of The Explainer? Dean Jorge Bocobo hosted the show in Manolo's place. If you missed it, watch for the replay because the subjects discussed on that episode is also timely and relevant to the problem our nation is undergoing right now.