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Message To The Youth
By Jun Lozada
Blogsite: JLozada.com

During the recent months that I have been in the public eye, I had the opportunity to have meaningful discussions with the Filipino youth of different socio-economic, ideological, religious and regional profiles, in all of these forums there appear to be a common thread of thoughts that cut across the youth of the land and that is their abhorrence of the current socio-economic-political structure of the country in its different forms.

From the sociological form of modern day hunter-gatherer society where the able men & women of the community has to leave their youngs in order to find “food” for their sustenance in their own community, sacrificing the precious years of early childhood up to the adolescent years of their children without the loving care and guidance of one or both parents, these OFWs are victims of a society where the governing class looks at the exploitation of these OFWs sufferings away from their families and sometimes from their evil masters, as their main source of foreign exchange to pay off their loans which feeds their greedy pockets.

To the economic structure of modern day feudal lords, a structure that has persisted over the long years of struggle of the common Filipino for economic equity, the struggle is simply not over land ownership but over the unequal access to capital that is most necessary in creating the much needed that propels an economy to prosperity. Look at the failed land reform program of this government, where most of the beneficiaries have sold back their land to a new landed class mainly composed of the corrupt politicians and their greedy financiers.

Lastly to the dysfunctional political system that brings about a government made up of politicians that treats a public office as a business enterprise for their family and their cronies, politicians who looks at a public as a franchise held by their family, bought from the public every election time and duly certified by a COMELEC that is also paid to award the franchise.

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