"Right demons, wrong exorcist." [?]

No Small Tragedy
By Conrado de Quiros
Philippine Daily Inquirer

“Lopezes, di saklaw ng batas?” (“The Lopezes are not covered by law?”) screamed a full-page ad in the Friday Inquirer. “Scream” is not an exaggeration. The words come in gigantic bold fonts, followed by a litany of indictment in equally huge fonts, the important points emphasized in bold letters as well.

The ad asks, after entering the various crimes (translated from the Tagalog): “Doesn’t this show double standards? What emboldens the Lopezes to display this brazen disregard for law? Is it that they have senators, congressmen, justices and so-called cause-oriented groups in their pockets? No one is above the law, not even the Lopezes!”

A group called Siglo claimed responsibility for the ad. [...]

[...] But in the end, what makes the ads by Siglo and Naflu and Garcia’s antics even more disgusting is that the Lopezes do deserve to be demonized. Except that GMA and company are the wrong people to do it. Right demons, wrong exorcist. Siglo’s questions about the legal process are laughable, but not so these ones: Why haven’t the Lopezes returned the P30-billion income tax Meralco passed on to us from 1994 to 2002? Why haven’t we seen one centavo of the P21.4-billion refund the Energy Regulatory Commission ordered Meralco to give back in 2004?

The problem here is not just that GMA wants to get off the hook by redirecting the blame to the Lopezes. It is also that that the Lopezes will get off the hook because they have her to do the fishing.

A pity, because no two groups of people more deserved hooking, frying and—in these truly hungry times—eating.

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