"Look At Bohol Now": A Story of Bohol's Tourism Success

New Emerging Tourist Attractions in Bohol Contiune to Develop (As of 2011)

Discover Bohol: An Island Paradise

A few years ago, tourism in the island of Bohol was seasonal as the industry was yet starting to develop. But today, Bohol's tourism is already an all-year-round industry. The island is richly blessed with so much natural, historical, and cultural beauties and wonders which attracted tourists from every corner of the globe. For the past 2 to 3 years, the industry has been growing rapidly such that the small domestic airport in its capital city could no longer conviniently accomodate the ever increasing influx of tourist arrivals in this paradise island. But hopefully soon, with the completion of the new Bohol Airport project, the problem of congestion will be solved and the influx of tourist arrivals is expected to greatly increased even more. If Bohol will be properly managed by its leaders and successors, it has the potential to develop like Singapore, considering that Bohol has a strategic geographical location and has very rich natural resources.