Help put it right-side up; not upside down

Struggling through tears and blood, our country is already slowly turning right-side up; let's not put it back upside down!

We had been through dictatorship in the past. Let's try not to go back to where our country was once before.

Criminality is global. In the Philippines, our country's crime statistics show that the level of criminality is still within the borders of what is manageable and common to most countries around the globe. Thus the need for a Duterte-style of dictatorship backed by the police and the military (martial law, if you like) may not yet be neccessary. A Duterte-style approach to criminality is indeed the scepter of dictatorship and it artificially creates a semblance of temporary peace and order because it brings terror and forced submission among its subjects -- not citizen's respect and cooperation.

But in recorded Bible history, there are instances when at different times and places, God had placed iron-fisted leaders in rulership for the purpose of chastening a country or to conquer other country's wicked king.

If in His wisdom, God would put in highest authority a ruler like Rody Duterte in our country in a time He appointed, then who are we to even perhaps object?

[Daniel 2:21] God changes the times and the seasons; he removes kings, and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise, and knowledge to those who have understanding.

[Proverbs 21:2] Every way of a man is right in his own eyes, but the Lord weighs the hearts.

[Proverbs 21:1] The king's heart in the Lord's hand is like the watercourses. He turns it wherever he desires.

I'm NOT commenting about how Rody Duterte handled Davao city. The way he handled Davao city is not the way he will be handling the Philippines as according to or based on his public statements.

I'm commenting on the kind of dictatorship he supposedly is projecting if ever he is given the chance to be president of our country. Try researching all his public statements concerning the style of leadership he boldly said he would be adopting if he becomes president. (Though I don't believe all that he had publicly said. IMHO, it is probably his way of scaring people so they would perhaps stop insisting on pushing him to become president because he seems not truly inclined for the presidency in spite "everything".)