Our country badly needs electoral reforms

Often, people are disappointed with the leader they voted into office when sooner or later they come to realize that what they had been sold out to vote for during the election was merely their own "false" perception or concept of their preferred candidate as a leader, and not the candidate's true leadership capacity.

We may like it or not, but this is perhaps due to the nature of this political exercise so-called election which is done traditionally in our country. Philippine election mostly focuses on traditional methods of campaigning which forces the candidates to employ all sorts of propaganda on all forms of media outlets that, in various unintended ways, effectively turn them into some kind of demagogues in varying degrees.

But what if the people would strongly advocate for change in the electoral system starting with empowering the electorate to be able to really wisely choose for the right candidates by making the campaign period for this coming 2016 election put more of the emphasis and focus on sound practical development plans & platforms and proposals of solutions to pressing problems and issues of our country -- instead of the usual flooding of political propaganda on media outlets (papogi points)?

For our old traditional electoral system that often puts the wrong people into office, this advocacy if pushed seriously could be a real game changer that could put into office the right deserving leaders (even neophytes who are non-TradPols but deserving and truly qualified).