Into your hands, oh Lord, we lift up our differing choices of leaders


* Senatorial candidates Sotto, Gatchalian, & Drilon are deemed sure winners, so my vote for them I have given instead to other candidates.

For faster voting, it helps that you bring your sample ballot when you vote. It only took me less than 10 minutes to cast my vote. The voting transaction receipt was accurate. My voting precinct together with its team of election officers and personnel are on time.

I have observed a minor glitch in the feeding of the ballot into the VCM (Vote Counting Machine). At times the VCM displays a paper jam error message due to three common causes:

1. Voters fail to properly position the paper ballot during feeding.

2. Sometimes even a minor curve at the top side of the paper ballot could prevent it from completely dropping down into the plastic container causing the next ballot being feed to be obstructed from dropping down to the plastic container as well.

3. Some very tiny rough edges along the path of the paper ballot could sometimes prevent the paper ballot from dropping down into the plastic ballot container.

Thanks to the assigned VCM technician for his quick resolution to the problem.