Earth Hour?

INQUIRER.net to join Earth Hour
First Posted 19:35:00 03/29/2008

MANILA, Philippines -- INQUIRER.net will briefly halt its updates for one hour from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. tonight to join the world in an awareness campaign on climate change in the fight against global warming called “Earth Hour.”

The WWF, the global conservation organization, is requesting all the households and establishments to join the celebration by shutting off their lights for 60 minutes.

The Earth Hour was launched in Australia on March 31, 2007. The event mobilized 2.2 million people and 2,100 businesses in Sydney to turn off their lights for one hour.

The Sydney government was able to save 10.2 percent of energy consumption from the activity.

It is 12:30AM of March 30, 2008 when I wrote this blog entry and the so-called "Earth Hour" has long passed already, but I chose not to turn off the lights in our house and instead I turned on every available light there is in our house.

But why? Am I apathetic about global warming and climate change? Of course not. Like many Christians, I strongly advocate proper stewardship of all of God's creation.

I saw this so-called "Earth Hour" as a form of subtle deception. Of course many of the organizers of this particular move are innocent of its true subtle symbolism. But there will come a time when the light of the Truth will be turned off by the darkness of unbelief disguising itself in various subtle ways.

What is really an hour of not using electricity worth or value with respect to global warming and climate change? Of course very immaterial and very insignificant! But the subtle symbolism is very great.

Let us not be deceived therefore, for we are living in an era of great spiritual battle not experienced before.