Using the Mass to incite disunity

By Fr. Bel R. San Luis, SVD

"WHY is the group of former Pres. Cory Aquino and Jun Lozada allowed to use the pulpit to vent their ire and divide the country?" scandalized observers have been asking. "It would be all right if they just hold a Mass and pray for their intentions.

* * *

But to raise clenched fists like what Leftists do and incite the congregation to fight against the government inside the church! That’s too much," they add.

Indeed, why hold such angry, hostile gatherings masquerading as Holy Mass when, in truth and in fact, they are partisan political assemblies?

* * *

That being their purpose, why don’t they just hold their activity outside the church? The Holy Mass ought to be a sacrament of unity, love and reconciliation. But what has been happening is it has become a medium to sow divisiveness, hatred and venomous attacks, thus defeating its very purpose.

* * *

It’s good that not all parish priests and bishops allow themselves to be used by these biased and self-righteous people. In this connection, I have my highest admiration to the Most Reverend Honesto Ongtioco, bishop of Cubao, when he put his foot down on the abuse of churches when he issued a pastoral statement in 2005 to all parishes and religious houses in his diocese "that churches and religious places should not be allowed to be used for partisan politics."

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There are indeed some things that we as a society need to change because there are stubborn problems that simply can't be changed by doing the same methods all the time because all we would achieve is the same old problem back again.

"People Power" in its old form seemed to have been abused to the point that it has already started to become ineffective. Sometimes all that is needed for a method to be effective anew (against something that has evolved and has become stubborn) is a change of its "form". Power, like energy, has many forms.