If not involved, why doesn’t she go for the truth?

By Jose Jacinto
Letter to the Editor
Philippine Daily Inquirer

Do the people, the bishops and the media expect Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to really go after the truth? If she and First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo were not involved in government irregularities, she would have gone after the truth to save herself and sacrifice those who are guilty—the way she sacrificed her former loyal ally, ex-Speaker Jose de Venecia. But if her family is involved, would she really go after the truth?

Of course, not! Are most of us that stupid to still expect and wait for Ms Arroyo to go sincerely after the truth? In preventing Romulo Neri from testifying at the Senate, there is no state secret to protect, but the dark secrets of Ms Arroyo and her family!

Let us all unite to have an honest government for the sake of our country and people. It is our duty and obligation as citizens to be vigilant. Otherwise, the country is lost and only evil will prevail.