Manny Pacquiao crossed the line[s]


Here is Manny Pacquiao's supposed to be punch line phrase that backfired on him like a hard uppercut: "...e mas masahol pa sa hayop ang tao." ("... then man is much worse than animal.")

This is the exact phrase which originated from Manny Pacquiao's tongue degrading human beings -- who engaged in sexual activities with same-sex partners -- down to some category of creatures that to him have sexual behaviors much worse than the natural sexual instincts of animals.

For his
unneccessary additional phrase in his supposed explanatory comment which was [mis]construed by many as condemnatory, I would agree that somehow the Pacman went below the belt. He has gone just a bit too far beyond the border line of Christian respect for fellow human beings.

It must be noted that (prior to the incident, at least) in the hearts of his kababayans and fans around the globe Manny is a hero and a hero's word carries a certain weight. So when some people tried seeking for consistency of his openly-expressed passion for God's Word by asking him of his views on same-sex relationships, Manny could have just been careful with his tongue by simply and respectfully expressing his firm stand against same-sex union without including any of those unneccessary derogatory phrases that had perhaps become part of his favorite vocabulary of punch lines which he would like to use when talking about or engaging in certain issues or topics.

On another light. For remaining firm with his stand against same-sex relationship amidst the storms of condemnation he is now reaping for sowing a wind of condemnatory phrase, I think Manny has crossed one more line -- a political line
that divides senatorial candidates between a list of senatoriables that voters would not vote for this coming election, and a list of senatoriables that voters would consider voting for this coming election.

For most Christian voters, the [non-]legalization of same-sex union is a major issue. In my search for and evaluation of candidate leaders in this coming election, I have made three sets of list:

1. Candidate leaders I'm not compelled to vote for
2. Candidate leaders I'm considering voting for
3. Candidate leaders I would vote for

As in the views of many of our Christian voters, Manny has crossed over from my first list to my second list: the list of candidate leaders I'm considering voting for. If Manny could show leadership competence concerning other serious pressing issues and problems of our country, and if he is able to show no-nonsense platform of government, then perhaps he might be able to finally cross over to the final list of candidate leaders: the list of candidate leaders that voters would vote for this coming election.