See It Rather From A Different Perspective

Senators hit Reyes on 2010 power forecast


Two senators assailed Energy secretary Angelo Reyes for raising the possibility of nationwide power interruptions next year and the need to grant emergency powers to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to address this problem.

Senators Panfilo “Ping” Lacson and Edgardo Angara said Reyes’ statement was “suspicious” and "dangerous.”

“It was an ill-advised comment coming from the secretary. It's still too far off so how can he predict a brownout? His pronouncement is suspect and ill-advised to say the least," Lacson told reporters in Filipino Thursday.

“I hope he was only misquoted or he said that in jest. But if he was serious about it, he could be conditioning us to expect power outages next year and that's dangerous," he added.

Senator Angara echoed Lacson’s apprehensions, saying Reyes’ warning of a possible power outage was ”mind conditioning towards emergency power”.

“Any suggestion that we do not need to empower anyone nor any group of people with emergency power during a political crisis is always suspicious and then dangerous because it can be used to solve many other things other than solving the real problem,” Angara said.

What may be meant for something sinister can be turned for good.

Publicly raising the said possibility is no joke. Yet while the people behind it may have intended it for something sinister, let us try to see it from a different perspective and we would be thankful they did it because aside from the fact that we are made aware of the possibility, the measure that needs to be done to counter the said possibility from coming to pass gets hinted at the same time. And of course the people and those in authority must act accordingly. But beware; for there could be two possible traps.