The Joker, the Batman, the Bruce Wayne in you


The Joker in you is so deplorable! But the Batman in you is what Gotham badly needs to rid itself of crimes and corruption.

Life in Gotham is not just all about fighting against evil and striking terror into the hearts of criminals. A major portion of Gotham needs the Bruce Wayne in you to run its economy.

For that particular thing you've done and that which, in your own judgement, was good, ...no apology is necessary. For being ashamed of your big filthy mouth, ...apology accepted.

So go and be what you believe in your heart you ought to be. Do what in your [good] judgment you have to do. But Gothamites like me will never close our eyes nor shut our ears to the Joker in you! Because when you soon will be preoccupied with looking after our well-being, we will in turn be looking after your well-being as well -- because the Joker in you is defeating you and is destroying you from the inside.