What really is your plan?!


Lalong Nakakalito! Ano ba talaga, Federalism o Revolutionary Government?!

I would go for the right kind of federal form of government with the appropriate safeguards in-place. But a revolutionary form of government? Hmmm... I'm not so sure. What nature exactly of a revolutionary government have they in mind this time? This declaration loudly rings a bell in many people's mind and adds another layer of confusion to voters like me who are seriously inclined to the idea of decentralizing government powers and resources through federalism or some other viable and doable approaches such as "Bottom-Up Budgeting" (BUB).

In one of his meetings with the Federal Movement For A Better Philippines in Cebu City some time ago, Mayor Duterte said that if he cannot get the desired results within six months to 1 year during his term, he will abolish the Congress. He will declare a revolutionary government similar to what the late former President Cory Aquino did during her time. But of course, he will consult his constituents before doing so.

According to him, one of the benefits of having a revolutionary government is it would allow him to get rid of the corrupt government officials in the Philippines. He deems these people as the reason why our country is still suffering from poverty. His first targets would be the military generals and other high ranking police officials. But he said, personally, he favors a federal form of government and is currently campaigning for it. He believes that by establishing a federal government, inequality would be abolished and there would be equal distribution of resources among provinces. Furthermore, he claims that this would be for the best interest of the country and will be essential in the promotion of peace in Mindanao.

(If Mayor Duterte said that he personally prefers Federalism, then the implication is that there must be some unseen unknown hands behind his push for a revolutionary government. Are they the unseen hands of the entity he code named as "Emilio Aguinaldo"?)