Would somebody please do something about this?


The thing shown happening in this video highlights one major thing that for decades is not working as intended in our omnibus election code. Because when it comes to election violations, countless possible cases of bribery or vote buying (such as what we may see and may be suspecting happening in this video) are so easy to disprove by the parties involved but so hard to prove by concerned parties or citizens.

If we want positive change to be a reality in our country and put a stop to corruption, then one very appropriate place to start rooting out corruption is in our electoral system. Bribery and vote buying are starting point manifestations of corruption which are prevalent and rampant during elections. But yet for many decades already, almost nobody or no political group have been proven guilty and penalized!

The time to stop this form of corruption has so long been overdue. We call on presidential candidate former secretary Mar Roxas and our president PNoy himself to do something about this issue since the incident allegedly involve members of their own Liberal Party. So we hope they won't turn a blind eye on this issue because if the suspicion is proven true, then this is not the "Daang Matuwid" that the administration is advocating. If they simply ignore the issue, then they are as if contradicting their "Daang Matuwid" advocacy. And if that happens, then perhaps they might as well forget the continuation of their "Daang Matuwid" vision because ignoring the issue would prove to the Filipino people that the leadership of the Liberal Party has no real political will to rid even their own ranks of corrupt members.