Concerns to ponder

Author: Anonymous

I once considered voting for Duterte. For all his flaws and missteps, I considered him to be a viable Presidential candidate due to being ‘a man of action’. I never really believed that he could eradicate crime in 6 months as he promised, but what’s important is that it’s a priority for him. And him being a ‘man of action’, he would get something done.

However, as things have come to light, I found myself finding reasons having to justify Duterte’s behavior. Yes, he grew up ‘with the poor’ and so his speech may not be refined. Yes, we have all made distasteful jokes at least once. But enough is enough, and his platform of being a ‘man of action’ is no longer reason enough to accept him as my presidential candidate.

Here are the reasons why:...

Read the full article at: 4 Reasons Why I No Longer Support Duterte

The article I link-shared above has sparked in me an interest to respond to the valid serious concerns being pointed out by the author. I promise myself to spare me a good time and muster the inspiration I would be needing for this intention.

The article's anonymous author claimed that he/she was a former Duterte supporter. But in spite of his/her claim, by calculating the "tone" of his/her article, I would rather think that the author is just another non-Duterte supporter who is simply using the usual "former-supporter-turned-non-supporter" political opinion writer's trick to try to bring more weight to the idea he/she is expressing.

The last sentence of the article which says, "I do not support Rodrigo Duterte as a presidential candidate." would indicate that the article was written prior to the elections. Things about the Philippines and Rodrigo Duterte's rising to power are developing very fast particularly now that he is the president-elect. And yet I have yet to read any latest writing from this article's author.

Having simply considered the article's anonymous author as a non-Duterte supporter who is just disguising as a former Duterte supporter, I would like to recall that out of more than about 50 million voters who voted in the May 2016 presidential election, [only] about 16 million voted for Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, the rest 34 million of the voters did not opted for him. There may be a lot of people who did not preferred Duterte as their next president, but since Duterte won and is now the president-elect, that does not mean that they (the non-Duterte voters) would not want him to succeed. So, while it is wise for the president-elect to listen to the good counsels of his supporters, it would add wisdom to his leadership if he considers and ponders on the valid genuine concerns of those people who did not voted for him.

May the president-elect find time to read and consider the article. With godly wisdom, may he and his inner circle of counsels ponder on the concerns being raised by the author because these serious concerns are not just the concerns of one author, but also of the silent majority of the citizenry.

At the appropriate time Lord, as your usual way of calling the attention of my wondering wandering thoughts, hit once more my at-times-cranky ways of thinking with a 3" x 3" blow of a word from You.