Authority is now placed in your hands; don't abuse it!

I am an avid fan of Ka Freddie's songs -- though I'm not quite a fan of the singer.

Every time I heard the song "Para Sa Tunay Na Pagbabago" (which has a melody cannibalized from the song "Ipaglalaban Ko"), it twitched my lower eyelids and made my beard stand -- and I'm not exactly sure why. Demagoguery perhaps?

But I have discovered that simply straightening out my left and right pinky fingers helps relax my lower eyelids and beard -- and particularly when I stick my pinkies in my ears.

Other than the song, the simple but exemplary inauguration ceremony and the signals communicated by the newly-inaugurated President, at the least, may be perceived as fairly inspiring that could perhaps help change the perception of some fair-minded critics and cautious pessimists (skeptics, if you prefer) into guarded optimism and into seeing at least a semblance of concrete hope for the kind of reform and real change that the people are longing for for our country.

Mr. Rodrigo Roa Duterte, sir, authority is now placed in your hands, a God-given authority. As you have invoked the Almighty's help by touching His word with your hand as you took your oath of office, may you keep His word in your heart so that you may not veer away from His ways. Starting today, by virtue of your oath before the nation and more importantly before God, the next six years of your life are now consecrated to the task the Lord God has given you. And by the virtue and power of the oath, everything you do and every decision you make will also bear the honor of the Lord. Thus, for this very reason, whatever things you do that puts the name of the Lord God in vain shall cause you the Father's divine chastening.

Among other things, these the Lord God abhors:

* Substituting the Lord God with things that have become other gods. Attributing to God the outcome of actions as a result of following strange gods.

* Dishonoring rightful agreements and not fulfilling righteous promises and vows. Breaking oaths and covenants.

* Scheming, secret deals, and planning things that are evil.

Whatever is/are purposed, consecrated, or dedicated to the Lord God (living people or non-living objects) bears the name of God, and in accordance to His holy name He shall surely act to protect them and His name.

Here is practical hint of wisdom: As you carry out your task as an oath-bound leader of the land, this you shall bear in mind: Whenever you've done anything that is against the three primary categories of things listed above that the Lord God abhors, there will surely come a divine chastening because you have asked the Father for His help when you took your oath with your hands on His word. Most of the time, the divine chastening is in the form of unexpected conflict or trouble.

When you took your oath, everything that you will be using -- all the resources of the country, your office, government projects, the people who are around you to help, and even your own family (because your daughter held the Bible) -- all of them are also covered by the oath you have made. When any of these things are used or are involved in anything that dishonors the holy name of the Lord God, He shall surely destroy it or render it unusable for some time or permanently. If it is people that are involved, the involved people shall experience divine chastening in the form of unexpected conflict or trouble.

Therefore, when unexpected conflict or trouble comes your way, pause to examine and discern whether something has been committed (by you, or by your people serving in government, or by your own family) that may have violated your oath before the Lord God.

Rodrigo Roa Duterte, in God's name we accept you as our new president. We vow to help you accomplish the task the Lord God has given you. We will be praying for your success. Your success is our country's success.

God be with you always. God bless our country, our beloved Philippines.