Obsolescence by Irrelevance

In today's gadget-preoccupied and internet-focused young generation, there is a growing danger in the relevance of history to their sense of nationalism. With the advent of HTG (High-Tech Gadgetry) and EOD (Entertainment On Demand), their awareness and concept of our national hero Rizal and the other of our past Filipino heroes is fast becoming irrelevant to them -- as fast as they change SIM cards and memory cards in their gadgets.

Their concept of real people heroes with only natural human abilities has been rendered obsolete by their entertainment-style exposure to fictitious superheroes with supernatural powers in the films they watch and in the video games they play. Unless there are more creative efforts done to reverse this trend -- such as the creation of the 2015 Filipino historical biopic film "Heneral Luna" -- perhaps heroes such as Rizal would only be remembered every time we strike a match.

(June 19 is Rizal's birthday. I did not even remember that!)