Go beyond borders because the beasts know no border!

Note: Watch the full movie to have a complete grasp of its message.

The war on drugs is another form of war on terror and it must know no border. While it is necessary to fight it from within our borders, but most importantly it must be fought inside the borders of the lands where the real beasts dwell. Otherwise, if this war would remain waged only within our borders and by our law enforcement alone and against our very own people only, it would just be a matter of time (when the iron fist's strength shall be no more) before we realize that our earnest effort of eradicating the drug problem in our country is/was just like that of a mad dog chasing after its own tail.

If what we only are committed and capable of doing is simply to spill the blood of our own people on our very own grounds while the real wolves and vultures continue to drink our blood and feast on our carcasses, then we are just like sacrificing our own flesh and blood to the lord of the beasts on the altar of the war on drugs. In the process, we become instruments of the lord of the beasts -- all the while wrongly believing we are rendering service to God.