Shameless and shameful instance of a charcoal calling a pot black

Is this a manifestation of a psychological disorder? Or has somebody simply failed to consider the "blackness" of his own life that he has the twisted guts to disgrace the honor of the office he has been put into?

Could there be somebody courageous and tactful enough to take down the "mirror-mirror-on-the-wall" inside Malacañang? Would somebody be kind enough to place a true and honest "mirror" in the presidential palace, please?

The president has the whole country to run now and not anymore Davao city. His leadership qualities obviously need to level up, so let us not just let the president marvel at the rose-colored image of himself he sees on Malacañang's sycophantic "mirror-mirror-on-the-wall" system, but also let him see himself
 too through a clear, real, and honest "mirror" system so he can be helped in his desire to "metamorphose" and get his flaws corrected or at least appropriately managed. No leader is perfect, and certainly neither is PRRD. The president's blunders could spell our country's setback, if not trouble.

Critics and oppositors, be careful! I suppose you should have known already by now that this president also has a psychological disorder just like what anyone of us might have -- only that his psychological disorder is at a level which is a bit worse than most of our's. Play with his ego, and you are like a circus man placing your head into the gaping mouth of a supposed-to-be tamed and trained circus alligator.

Contrary to what many of us would like to believe, this grub has not [yet] metamorphosed into a butterfly. Thus be aware so as to be guided, but not beware as to be intimidated. As responsible and concerned citizens of our country, we have the obligation to help our public officials succeed despite and in spite of their flaws and weaknesses. Honest and responsible constructive criticism never fails to help build a nation. That is just among the least of things we can do to help our country move forward in the right direction.

But other than his psychological disorder, this president is quite okay despite his occasional political stupidity and his own brand of stubbornness.