U.N., how are you? Where are you?

Watch this old video and try to observe the pattern of killings, the denial tactic, the use of hired vigilantes, the no investigations conducted, the public threats and naming mechanism, the fear it created on the citizens to speak out, the systematic cover-ups and suppression of investigations, etc. Aren't all of these things also are the exact same things that are happening today in this so-called war on drugs under the reign of this new leader?

But what are the people complaining about when in the first place they have voted for a bloody leader into office who promised them death by the thousands in the first few months of his reign? Now that members of their families are killed one by one, are their deep regrets too late for their remaining targeted loved ones?

U.N. how are you? Now that you have tasted the intimidation tactic of DU30, has your balls shrunk yet or has your tail curled between your legs already?


You were forewarned that you will be dealing with a leader who knows how to use his political stupidity to his personal foolish advantage. Look at the praises he is now fast gaining online as he lambasted you when you tried to dip your toe into the Philippine's EJK problem. In the hundreds of comments online from various global netizens, DU30 is protrayed as an emerging hero while you are portrayed as a tool and puppet of the founding superpower USA.

So what is it going to be now? Are you still interested in investigating the extrajudicial killings in the Philippines, or would you just sit down and lick your hurt balls while you watch the country gradually turning into yet another of the recent-decade killing fields?

But in all seriousness, if in case your balls recover, and your concern for the Philippines happens to still remain intact and genuine, just please don't wait too long before you act. Otherwise it might be too late. Lives.... lives of the innocent ones who are mistakenly marked and targeted, and lives of those victims of drugs who truly and honestly desire to live a new life are at stake.

Please help us if you are true to your mission... to protect and care for the rights of humanity  -- not just for the innocent, but also for the rights of those who have gone astray.

This new leader of our country only believes in the rights of the innocent. In his eyes, the criminals, particularly the drug-related criminals have lost all their rights under his own law. To him, a poor country like the Philippines cannot afford and has no capacity to incarcerate these criminals from the public and take care of them when they number by the hundreds of thousands or even a few millions. That is why, to this bloody leader's calculation, it is practical and merciful to send these criminals off to the next world (in the quickest way he prefer and love doing himself) ahead of their respective appointed times than to make them languish in inhumane jail conditions and still die of a painful and agonizing long-suffering death in incarceration. Thus justifying the need for "legal" NDS (National Death Squad) units in the National Police with special direct orders to shoot and kill the targeted criminals and in effect practically bypass the law's resource-wasting and rigorous due process. To him this policy that he is now implementing nationwide is practical, Davao-tested, and effective.

U.N., do you agree with the policy of our bloody leader? If not, then pack your balls and show your true strong concern and action. Perhaps your concern and action could warm the balls of our Supreme Court and our Senate. The lower house has been castrated already by DU30. So far the one that has balls in the Senate is a lawmaker who ironically is a lady senator. DU30 is finding it hard to castrate her because he has yet to find her balls. So instead, DU30 is now trying to squeeze the balls of the lady senator's former driver and lover to intimidate her since she is now trying to initiate a Senate investigation into the extrajudicial killings in our country. The lady senator was a former chairperson of the country's Commission on Human Rights and she was responsible for DU30's old anger towards her because she tried to investigate Davao's extrajudicial killings before.

U.N., when in case you come to help us, again I am reminding you that DU30 is a master of threats and intimidation. I hope you have your counter measures ready and you have your plans. We are waiting to thank you.