Ito lang ba ang kaya nilang magawang solusyon sa problema?

Papatayin Kita
Words and music by Lolito Go

Papatayin kita / kahit na sino ka
Basta ba tulak ka / papatayin kita
Kahit sumuko ka / anong alam nila
Ika'y markado na / papatayin kita

Pag kinatok kita / wag nang magkaila
Kung di ka kakanta / papatayin kita
Kung trip mong manlaban / tiyak mapapaslang
Kahit nadamay lang / wala akong pakialam

Marami pa akong / stock ng karatula
Gusto mo bang isa? / papatayin kita
O ang saya 'diba / parang pelikula
Ako ang bida at / papatayin kita

Pag kinatok kita / wag nang magkaila
Kung di ka kakanta / papatayin kita
Dahas na kung dahas / walang batas batas
Tanginang human rights / sa war on drugs the price is life

Kaya't magbago na
Magzumba-zumba ka
Magsimba-simba ka
Kung gusto mong mabuhay pa

Sixteen point six million people ordained a bloody president into office. He promised them death by the thousands in the first months of his presidency, and now he is trying to fulfill it. Unless there are people who will succeed in making his heart stop (read: stop the intention of his heart), in the kind of war that this president is waging, what could the rest of the majority of the citizenry expect from the leader whom they didn't vote for into office?

If the president firmly believes that killing "undesirable" people in society is the best solution to the drug problem, criminality and corruption in our country, then nothing else would prove him wrong than letting him do what he believed in his heart is the "right" thing he is doing. Time never fails to prove anybody wrong. When history lays down its verdict in the future, his children and his children's children shall themselves be the first to prove him wrong if indeed things would turn out contrary to his expectation. Or, history would prove the critics and the oppositors dead wrong.

(But what has history proven for leaders of other countries who had done the same thing as our president is doing now -- long before there was even the conceptualization of the so-called DDS?)