Be Careful, Lest You Fall for It

Armed Forces of the Philippines

Thus it is that the AFP does not belong to the incumbent national leadership. It is categorically not the armed forces of the ruling administration. Hence, the AFP is neither meant to protect and defend a morally bankrupt government, nor wherefore intended to go against the people who are its much ravaged and well oppressed composite victim. The AFP have the Filipino people as its over-all national superior whose common welfare they must protect and whose public good they should defend. While the Armed Forces of the Philippines may not use their tanks and planes, may not aim their canons and guns even at a government devoid of moral ascendancy to rule, much less could it do the same to the deprived and suffering Filipino people. Doing otherwise would be unconscionable for the AFP.

In other words, to defend the Philippines against external aggressors and to protect the Filipinos against internal forces hostile to their common interest and destructive of their social peace—this is what the AFP is essentially meant for and fundamentally expected to be. To be called and used to hurt, to main or kill innocent citizens and upright Filipinos—this is a gross contradiction of the nature and mandate of the AFP, a brazen violation of its call and finality. In such an event, the greatest loser is the AFP. It becomes the object of public repulsion, the subject of popular disgust.

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To our AFP, be careful or you will fall into a snare. Your inappropriate involvement into the current crisis will only add chaos to the already tense situation of our nation and will only further delay coming of the next season.

Know your authority and the limits of it. This season is a test not primarily intended for you to use your military strength once again. Rather, it tests your self-control and your ability to discern matters correctly.

There are rotten apples among your ranks and some are in high places. This is one thing that the Lord abhors of you. In the times ahead, you all will be shaken even more by an event that you will least expect and it will be for the good of the nation.

If you think you can play another major role in this yet another season of crisis in our country, wait until the day of your shaking will come, and you will surely have your portion of the Lord's purifying fire.