Fighting for Initiative

By Mon Casiple

The crisis of political survival of the Arroyo family has taken a turn for the worse as the momentum for a Resign GMA move gathers steam.

A coalition reminiscent of the coalition that torpedoed the 2006 charter change initiative is shaping into existence, with the various religious groups as core forces, middle class groups as the active element, and grassroots groups providing the muscle. It is the nascent coalition that undertook people power in the past. Now, it is the nightmare that the GMA administration feared becoming a reality.

Malacañang is scrambling for the initiative. Mobilization by friendly LGU units are being planned, sprinkled by a few pro-GMA NGOs and church personalities. A media offensive has been launched–against Lozada, JDV, the opposition, and even against Vice-President Noli de Castro. The de Castro media attack seeks to prevent a possible de Castro defection that can fundamentally undermine GMA’s chances of survival.

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